Tarot’s Answers for Making Mistakes and Rebirth

There are times in life we feel as if we are out of our control. Sometimes, divine order moves us in a direction that may seem completely out of alignment with what we desire. Other times, we are the ones that have made certain choices and decisions that may seem like mistakes but may just be exactly what we needed to do to reach new levels of understanding within our lives. Tarot can provide us with answers to some of the most impossible questions. We are born into this life without any rules or guidebooks, especially when it comes to dealing with the different challenges and obstacles life throws our way. When we are presented with a challenge, or have failed in some way, tarot can help us understand the meaning and lesson that we can learn from these experiences. 

Ask Questions 

When you are going through a challenging time and can’t seem to understand why—there are different questions you can ask during a tarot reading. These questions will help you understand the deeper meaning behind the situation, along with the actions you’ve taken that have caused it. 

What is the energy behind this situation?

What message am I meant to learn from this experience?

What choices did I make that created this situation?

What outside influences played a role in this situation?

What can I do to overcome this situation successfully?

What can I expect to experience once this situation has passed?

You Are a Star 

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Asking questions helps you draw out the different answers that tarot can provide for you. Sometimes the reason for challenging times is for our own growth and expansion. Maturing and gaining wisdom doesn’t always feel good because truth contains both love and pain. Even within ourselves we feel happiness, anger, joy, and pain. This is just part of being alive. In tarot, the Star card shows a woman outside under the night’s sky. She has one leg on land, and the other in the water before her, symbolizing her finding balance within herself.

This card reminds me of the Beautifully Broken Rainbow Ring from Story Jewellery. This beautiful ring showcases an array of colorful pieces, seemingly broken, but positioned together to create a stunning accessory. The Star Card represents the ability to find strength within your flaws and recognize the power that already exists within you. Sometimes it’s easy to forget about the wonder that lives inside each of us. Our flaws and mistakes are what make us unique and provide us with a better understanding of ourselves and the world around us. 

Rebirth and Renewal 



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After we experience challenges and overcome obstacles, we emerge from a new perspective and gain greater wisdom. Some of the most life-changing lessons come from experiences that seemed too heavy to overcome—but somehow manage to find the strength to conquer them. These experiences may feel like a rebirth as you leave the old you behind, fully embracing the changes these situations have caused. The Death card in tarot depicts a skeleton, wearing a powerful armor, as he rides a white horse along his journey. The armor represents the new strength and stability he has gained, due to the death of his old self. This card doesn’t actually mean death but more so a transformation into something fresh and brand new—due to having gone through a life-changing experience. The Lotus Flower ring from Story Jewellery also represents rebirth and inner peace, and the beauty that comes from blossoming into a new way of being, regardless of what has conspired before. 

Everyone will make mistakes, be presented with challenges, and stumble along the way. This is what makes life interesting and provides us with the lessons we must learn to better ourselves and the world around us. Tarot can help you understand the process you’re currently going through and the meaning behind the experience.

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