Tarot for Friendship

Tarot for Friendship

Tarot can be a sacred personal practice that helps you connect and understand yourself on a deeper level. Once you’ve utilized tarot’s tools for your own needs—you can also use the cards to connect with someone else. Friendships are often some of the most important relationships we have in our lives. No friendship is perfect and the relationships between two people will often go through different challenges and obstacles, just as any relationship does. Often, we don’t always tend to our friendships the way we would our romantic relationships, when friendships more than often last longer. There are many ways in which we can strengthen a friendship after a disagreement, challenge, or a period of time where there was distance. Tarot can also be used to dive into the energy within a friendship, exploring the roles each person plays within the relationship. 

The Two of Cups – A Strong Bond

Everyone’s love language is different, some enjoy quality time, and some enjoy gift giving—like this friendship necklace from Story Jewellery. This friendship necklace is a powerful piece consisting of two interlocking circles, that comes in silver and gold, and comes with a special message on a card. This necklace reminds me of the two of cups—a card that depicts two friends or lovers cheering two cups together. The card symbolizes clear communication, understanding, and mutual love for one another. When this card is drawn within a reading, especially regarding a friendship—it shows the benefit that both parties feel having the relationship in their lives. The friendship is very strong and life-long, much like the symbol of the interlocking circles from the Badass Girl Gang Interlocking Necklace. 

The Six of Cups – A Peak into the Past



Another card in tarot that symbolizes a true friendship is the Six of cups. This card depicts an image of six cups full of flowers. A man hands a woman one of the cups as a gift, and she receives the present graciously. Their relationship is strong and fulfilling as they have shared many wonderful memories together. This card can also represent a past life connection between two people. Sometimes we meet someone that feels as if we’ve known them our entire life—and this may be due to the soul connection between the two. Unknowingly they may feel this strong bond, which has lasted for many lifetimes before. These kinds of friendships are the most powerful and fulfilling because they have grown and evolved many times previously. The friendship bracelet from Story Jewellery contains two powerful interlocking circles, showcasing a bond that will never be broken. Because of the memories and experience they’ve been through together, they will remain in each other’s lives in some way or another, forever. If you draw a Six of Cups in your friendship reading, the universe is showing you just how powerful and beneficial this friendship is for you. 

Tarot is a great tool to understand the meaning and purpose behind the relationships and friendships within your life. The cards allow you to understand the energy between two people, how they benefit each other, and where the future may lead them. 

When performing a reading for a friend, try to ask questions that allow you to understand them more deeply than you already do. You may think you know everything about someone, but tarot can help you see them in ways you would otherwise be totally unaware of. Tarot can help you strengthen your friendship and appreciate the connection for what it’s truly worth. 

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