Super Easy Balloon Decoration Ideas for Birthday Parties

When we think of a birthday party, we can obviously imagine balloons, cakes, a bunch of people, and endless fun. A birthday is an occasion to bring loved ones together. These days birthday decoration is playing a major role in almost every birthday party.

In fact, party planners are coming up with wonderful birthday decoration ideas not just for adults but also for little ones. Out of these, the one idea that never loses its charm is balloon decoration. To throw a perfect birthday party, all you need to do is, use happy birthday balloons!

Balloons bring life to parties. They not only help you with birthday balloon decoration at home but also bring the guests together for balloon-related activities. Several party decoration items available in the market as confetti, ribbons, laces, danglers are good. But, nothing can beat the elegance of happy birthday balloons.

Continue reading this post to find out about some of the top most birthday celebration ideas at home using happy birthday balloons:

Top Most Birthday Celebration Ideas

  • Garland of Balloons

This is one of the most commonly used birthday decoration ideas at home. You don’t need to do much. All you need to do is, simply take a thread and string it along with the inflated happy birthday balloons from one end to the other.

Doing so will give it a look of garland. The attached thread can be used for tying the garland across the room from end to end. The balloon color can either be a double shade or a single shade. Also, multi-colored balloons will make a lasting impact on the birthday room decoration.

Material Required: Balloons of any shade that you like, birthday banner, and a strong thread to tie them.

Process: First of all, inflate the balloons. It is your choice how you want to coordinate the color shades of balloons accordingly. Carefully tie them in a string with the help of a thread and hang them on the wall or place it anywhere that’s going to fit the birthday venue.

  • Balloon Arch

The inflated happy birthday balloons are strewn together to create the shape of an arch. You can make use of this arch of balloons to decorate the entrance of side doors of the party venue.

A highlight of this arch will give a great effect to the venue where you’ve held the birthday party. You are free to choose the color of the balloons as per the theme of the birthday celebration.

Material Required: Medium as well large sized balloons, birthday banner, and a secure thread.

Process: Before you do anything else, inflate the happy birthday balloons with the help of an air pump. Once you are done, tie them together using a thread and give them the shape of an arch. This type of birthday balloon decoration looks perfect when you want to decorate the entrance of the birthday venue.

  • Balloons Filled with Candies

This one is the most traditional balloon decoration ideas for a home birthday party. If you have plenty of kids coming for the birthday celebration, consider this idea. You can take a big sized balloon, fill it half with different sweets and candies.

Once you have finished filling up the happy birthday balloon, inflate it, and put it right on the top of the table on which the cake will get cut. After the kid blows off the candles on the cake, you can burst the balloon, and wait for the sweets to fall on the table.

Material Required: Candies of your preference, birthday banner, and a big size balloon.

Process: Fill every big-sized balloon with candies and sweets. Tie the happy birthday balloons with a string or thread and hang it right above the birthday cake. Once your child has finished cutting the cake, give him a needle and help him burst the balloon so that the candies and sweets can fall out.

  • Balloon Wall

Want to try something innovative and quite impressive style for birthday decoration at home? If you are nodding your head in a big yes, then give this idea a try. You can choose a double or single shade as per your choice for this particular balloon decoration.

Material Required: Normal-sized balloons, birthday banner, and a roll of double size tape.

Process: Inflate the balloons and stick them one after another on a wall of your house. They can either be stuck by using a normal tape or double-sided tape. Create several rows and columns to form a fill in the chosen wall with balloons. This specific wall in your house can also serve the purpose of becoming a photo booth for the invited guests.

  • Balloons Tied to Presents

Not such a difficult way to make use of balloons in a birthday celebration, especially when you have a group of kids amongst the invitees. You can tie one balloon to every return gift that you have packed and keep it aside in a corner. This will keep the kids curious as to what is there in the wrapped gift.

Material Required: A roll of thread, birthday banner, some medium-sized happy birthday balloons, and return gifts.

Process: Inflate the happy birthday balloons and tie them with the help of a thread or string. Using the thread itself, tie the balloon to the return gift. You can also use different colored balloons for different presents.

  • Balloons with Glow Sticks

This birthday decoration idea is the best to consider when the lightning of your venue is dime and dark. The glow sticks can be inserted inside the birthday happy birthday balloons that are inflated with helium gas.

These balloons can flow upwards and get attached to the ceiling of your chosen venue. It will create a surreal effect of light in the entire room. Additionally, you can try attaching a string to every balloon. Doing so will give the illusion of a starlight canopy.

Material Required: Some balloons, thread, birthday banner, colorful ribbons or paper strings, glow sticks, and double-sided tape.

Process: Insert the glow stick inside the balloon and inflate it using helium gas. It is recommended that you get a professional to do it. Using helium gas will make the balloons float in the air. Once done, tie different color ribbon strings to every balloon and wait for them to get attached to the ceiling.

  • Cherry Balloon Garland

If you want to try out a really cute birthday decoration idea for your party at home, then you should consider the cherry balloon garland idea. If you have a red color theme for the birthday party, this one is the best option to look into.

Material Required: A roll of thread, some read balloons, birthday banner, and green paper.

Process: Inflate the red-colored balloons and tie them into pairs using a string or thread. Then, cut some medium sized leaves out of the green paper and paste them on the string with the help of tape. Attach the strings with the balloons and tie them to the main one hanging above.

  • Confetti Balloon Decoration

You might have read about the confetti wall birthday decoration idea at home in several articles. But, what if we say that we have a similar idea that can brighten up your birthday party? And that is confetti balloon decoration.

Material Required: Some white balloons, birthday banner, different colored ribbons, and confetti.

Process: Inflate the white transparent balloons using an air pump. Once done with it, throw some confetti in the balloons and let it settle. Then, attach the strings to the balloons and let them float into the air.

  • Hot Air Balloons

If you are planning to turn regular balloons into miniature balloons for your birthday celebration, then this hack is for you. The result in the end is so cute. Trust us, if you are hosting a party for your kid, he or she is going to love the birthday decoration.

Material Required: Any colored balloons, birthday banner, paper sheets, thread, and glue.

Process: Cut the paper sheet and make a cube out of it. Do this around 20 to 30 times. Then, inflate the colored balloons and attached thread to them in such a way that they look like hot air balloons when stuck to the cubes. Once done, tie the threads to the cubes and let the balloons sore high in the air.

The Bottom Line

These were some of the best birthday decoration ideas at home through which you can do using birthday balloons. If you liked reading this post and want to read similar ones, then it is highly advised that you stay in touch.

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