Strategies to Buy Instagram Followers

When you are looking at the number of users on Instagram, you start to wonder how you can buy Instagram Followers for your business or brand. There are two ways to do this. You can pay to buy these followers and likes or you can build a huge list organically and then advertise through other platforms such as Twitter and Facebook. If you are not sure how to go about it, read on for some tips and tricks. If you follow them closely, you can easily become successful in whatever you do.

Like Requests:

One of the most popular things that people do on Instagram is request likes. The request gets approved and the person who was approved becomes an official fan of the person. Since a lot of people like to see pictures uploaded on Instagram first, this makes it easy for you to attract Instagram followers and grow your audience. But there are downsides to this strategy. As people see your liking request, they may tag you in their tweets or send you direct messages which can hurt your image if you have a reputation for spamming or buying followers.

By Following:

Another popular way to buy Instagram followers is by following people. This works best when you are following someone. Say you are following Joe from the gym and they post a picture of a nice building and say something like “check out my new Instagram page”. Now assume that you don’t like Instagram and never want to see his photos again. You could just unfollow him so he won’t see your updates. People do this all the time and it usually has no effect.


Another way to buy followers is to ask friends to buy you some. This works well if you have a product that you want to sell. However, not many people will want to help you promote a product that they have never used. So you have to be really careful about this tactic. It usually does not work for people who are on a personal level with you. It also may backfire if the product doesn’t end up working.

Buy targeted keywords:

The last strategy I am going to mention is probably the easiest one to use to buy Instagram followers. Basically what you do is buy a bunch of keywords related to your industry and create interesting ads that show up on the right side of the search results. Now when someone searches for your industry keywords, you get a lot of hits because your ad is so popular. Some people may think this is a terrible idea, but it does work. So if you want to buy Instagram followers this may be your best bet to buy Instagram followers from reputable sites. And it’s pretty cheap.

Use AdSense:

This one is pretty easy. All you do is buy an AdSense account and put up some content related to your industry. When you set it up, Google will load it up with ads. If you want to buy Instagram followers this is probably the easiest way to go. Since the product only costs $2.50 a day you should make a few hundred dollars in a few days.

Do deals with affiliates:

This is another great tactic. Buy a product that goes well with your site. For instance, if you sell dog supplies you might look into purchasing a couple of cases of Velcro dog collars. Buy a shirt with the logo on it. Then you can promote your site and the product and people will be interested.

Buy products at a discount:

You can buy Instagram followers from people who need to ship them off or who are having a hard time selling their products. You can also buy from eBay. Just make sure that you keep track of when your money is due back.


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