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No-Surgery Lifting Restorative Dermatologist Ultherapy Serving Beverly Hills, Larchmont, and the greater Los Angeles area

Ultherapy is a completely painless procedure that lifts and secures the skin on the temples, jawline, neck, and décolletage.

Using ultrasound energy, this innovative device penetrates deep beneath the skin to the primary layers. Ultherapy, on the other hand, is a careful facelift that focuses on a comparative tissue profundity. Ultherapy is a non-invasive procedure that uses safe ultrasound energy to lift and repair the skin without the need for a medical procedure or personal time.

What Exactly Is Ultherapy?

Droopy, inelastic skin is an unavoidable side effect of maturation. Ultherapy utilises ultrasound energy, which is transmitted from the device as heat, to assist in inverting a portion of this hanging. This heat, which is transmitted to the deeper layers of skin and muscle, causes the skin to tighten and stimulates the production of new, more compact collagen. Ultrasound energy penetrates deep layers of tissue while leaving the surface impeccably clean. This device has been cleared by the FDA for the purpose of lifting and repairing the following regions:

Head Neck Jaw Décolletage (Wrinkle Improvement)

Treatment Overview Video, Patient Photographs, and Physician Opinions

Perceiving What Is Beneath the Surface

Additionally, this ultrasound innovation enables us to view the area we are treating on a computer screen, just as a physician would do when examining a tissue anomaly with an ultrasound.

Throughout your arrangement, the device will be passed across the skin in various directions. While some patients report only a slight squeezing sensation, others exhibit more obvious distress. We will discuss oral torment medication options during your interview.

If it’s not too much trouble in ulthera, keep in mind that you will not be permitted to drive yourself home following your treatment if you are taking a remedy torment medication. If necessary, we can arrange for expert driving assistance to pick you up and transport you home.

Advanced Ultherapist Confirmed

Apart from our board-certified physician suppliers, Ultherapy Nurse Practitioner Angela Sarff is a graduate of the most exceptional Ultherapy preparation programme available. Angela clinical expert strategies that mean best treatment results and precise agony the board for the most agreeable treatment conceivable have been taught to her during a three-day escalated preparation programme at the Ulthera Clinical central command.

What lies ahead Ultherapy

Ultherapy eliminates the need for general sedation, so you’ll be eager to resume your regular exercises immediately. Certain individuals may experience mild redness or unobtrusive puffiness for a day or two, while others may experience varying degrees of swelling.

A portion of our patients notice an improvement in their skin fairly quickly. In any case, you should not anticipate results for three months, when new collagen is formed in your skin, with progress lasting longer than a half year. The results are consistent, but the effect diminishes after a few years, or when the natural maturing process causes skin to appear droopy. You can always request an additional Ultherapy session.

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