Some tips to help you get the most out of your Beautyforever Curly Weave Hair

The demand for virgin human hair is getting higher and higher, especially for some special hairstyles, curly weave human hair is one kind of this. Due to the fast growing trends of virgin human hairstyles, the degree of knowledge about human hairstyle is different. Some women like curly weave human hair because of the beauty, others like it because of its popularity. But how to choose and care for curly weave human hair?

What Is Curly Weave?

The curly weave, also called curly hair weave styles. The entire body of the hair twisted into small dense curls, these curls are full from top to bottom, with natural shine. The hair wave degree is smaller than that of natural waves and deep waves, but larger than that of kinky curly human hair. Curly human hair extensions have great elasticity, looks very neat and fashionable. Women with curly hair stitched will make them more natural and unrestrained. The most welcome curly human hair is Brazilian curly hair because of the quality.

The advantages and disadvantages of curly weave

Every hairstyle has two sides, advantages and disadvantages. Curly weave styles are also the same. Then we will talk about them respectively.

The advantages of curly weave human hair:

Curly human hair extensions are made from unprocessed 100% virgin remy human hair, no chemicals. Curly hair sews without tangles, without sheds, without other bad smells.

Curly weave human hair has a long service time under proper care.

The effect after use looks very individual, it is a different feeling compared to other hairstyles.

Curly weave human hair has a natural shine, beautiful and glamorous.

The Disadvantages of Curly Weave Human Hair:

Curly hair weave is drier than other hairstyles, so it needs more careful handling.

You’d better not restyle curly human hair too often to keep the service time longer.

Where to find the reliable seller of curly weave human hair

Have you ever confused with such problem? There are so many online cheap wig stores, but for us, which one should be your human hair supplier? Beautyforever will be a good suggestion for you. They are providing cheap wigs for the customers from many years. Beautyforever Hair Mall is a professional human hair online shopping mall. We are doing the same thing these years, which is providing high quality real remy human hair and good customer service to all of our customers. We have many kinds of human hair: Brazilian human hair, Peruvian human hair, Malaysian human hair and Indian human hair. We also have many popular hairstyles for sale: curly wavy human hair, body wave human hair, straight human hair, deep wave human hair, etc. And Beautyforever would also like to customize hairstyles for you.

How to take care of your curly weave human hair

Due to the special texture of curly weave human hair, it also needs a special care method. Here are some tips you should know on how to take care of your curly weave human hair.

  • When you wash your hair:

Wash your hair every one to two weeks, keep your hair clean and tidy.

Not too rude when you wash your hair.

Dry the hair with a towel, but do not need to wring it out.

Apply a moisturizing conditioner after every shampoo and a deep conditioner every two to four weeks.

  • When you comb your hair:

Comb the hair from root to tip with a wide tooth comb or hair extension loop brush.

If your hair is long, you’d better divide it into three parts when you comb it, bottom part first, then middle part, last top part.

  • When you sleep:

Do not rudely press your hair directly, it is better to put the hair aside.

  • When you restyle your curly hair:

Style hair as desired. But heat the style sparingly to avoid damaging the hair.

Hair is just like our own hair, only with proper care, it could give us the beauty we desire. Beautyforever would like to share more tips on caring for your hairstyle.

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