Simple Renovation Ideas To Improve Your Property Value

Should I renovate or not? When you want to sell your home, that is an important question to ask. You must know how to maximise the worth of your current residence if you want to climb the property ladder and eventually buy your dream home. Here are the top 10 strategies to increase the value of your house according to property experts including estate agents in Notting Hill. All values mentioned are based on statistical estimates and are not warranted.

Remodel your cellar

Up to 30% of potential value added

If the price per square foot in the area is less than the build cost per square foot, turning an existing cellar into a living or storage space can increase a property’s value by up to 30%. In fact, because it qualifies as a “change of use” for planning purposes and doesn’t require planning approval, turning your cellar into a living space might be among the least difficult home modifications to do. However, you must consult your local planning official if you propose to make structural changes to a listed structure.

Divide a home into apartments

30% potential value addition

In London, where apartments are in high demand and frequently simpler to rent out, turning a house into flats is a common practise. Thus, dividing a property into distinct parts can maximise both the long- and short-term profits from sales.

However, conduct some research to be sure there is a need for apartments in your area before you start a project. Conversion might be a viable choice if smaller flats are moving but three-bedroom homes aren’t.

Turn your garage into a living

15% potential value addition

If you don’t keep a car in your garage, it can be a good idea to turn it into a living area, especially if you have parking outside.

The first thing you should do is determine whether your garage can be converted and whether you need planning approval. You won’t typically need planning approval for the work involved in converting a garage because it will typically be considered permitted development, but always double-check with your local planning authorities. Building codes must always be followed in order to ensure a garage conversion is structurally sound.

Make the kitchen larger

15% potential value addition

In a typical terraced or semi-detached house, the kitchen is located next to a tiny lane known as a side return. Gaining significant space and enhancing the layout are two benefits of extending the kitchen into the side return and the entire width of the rest of the house.

If you meet certain requirements and limitations, a one-story side-return addition is typically considered an authorised build. For instance, it can only be half as broad as the original house and no taller than 4 metres. Building regulations must still be followed, and work will be inspected at crucial points during construction, either by the local government building department or by an authorised independent inspector. You will receive a completion certificate after your extension is complete and, assuming it is determined to meet with the rules, it will be approved.

Adding a bedroom through a loft conversion

15% potential value addition

If it’s a loft conversion with an en suite bathroom, an extra bedroom might increase the value of your property by up to 15%. The majority of lofts can be converted, but it’s wise to double verify with an architect or builder before you get started.

As soon as you begin preparing, you must understand the various conversions that are possible. The cost-effective option is a roof light conversion, which requires the least amount of structural work. The more expensive option is a mansard conversion. Here, a new building with steeper sides and a nearly flat roof replaces one or both of the roof’s slopes.

While the majority of loft conversions are regarded as authorised developments, mansard conversions typically require planning clearance. There are some complicated requirements, so check with your local planning office. For instance, if you wish to expand your roof space by more than 50m3, you must apply for planning approval (40m3 for terraced housing).

Adding a conservatory will expand your living area.

Up to 10% of potential value added

A completely glazed conservatory would combine the indoors and outdoors so you may feel more in tune with nature. Consider the space’s intended usage before deciding if a classic or modern design will work best for your house and way of life.

Garden and curb appeal

Up to 10% of potential value added

In London, garden space is scarce, so if you do have one, make the most of it, especially if you intend to sell. When planned as an extra room, a summer house can increase the value of a property. A deck or patio can turn a garden into a gathering space.

Since first impressions are so important, if you’re selling your property, give it some curb appeal with a fresh coat of paint, a new door, and shiny hardware. Mow the lawn and rake the leaves to tidy up the backyard.

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