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Showtime Begins! : Episodes 11-12

We dive into the distant past to discover how our protagonists were destined to be in their past lives. This is a significant change from previous episodes. However, the best way to figure out the wrongs that occurred all these years back is to know why the situation went wrong.

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As Cha-woong and other shamans battle with the Full Moon Killer, Seul-hae appeals to the ghosts trapped in Cha-Woong’s home. Convinced that they will not budge, She pretends to give up and sneaks out of the window.

She arrives just in time to see the evil spirit taking over the three Shamans. She confronts the shaman, but he throws her away and then threatens Cha-woong, who’s in a state of utter disorientation, having suffered another flashback to the past. As he is about to go in for the kill, Seul Hye is thrown into the face of Cha-woong, and at the same time, they’re covered in what appears to be a force field.

Cha-Woong’s eyes, sparkling in bright blue, are directing the spirit. With a newfound power of supernatural Cha-woong imprisons this spirit. He forces it to enter the bottle and seals it using the talisman. The person who is the victim is awoken, confused, and scared and runs away.

But the stress of all this energy takes its toll on Cha-woong. He becomes unconscious, and even though others take him to the hospital, Cha-woong collapses.

Three events happen in the wake of the night of the full moon. One of them is the girl who gets information about his alleged Full Moon Killer, chases the killer down and captures the killer, gaining widespread praise for bringing a real end to the murderer’s rampage.

Seul-hye has been mysteriously given the ability to hear and see ghosts in the next episode. When I thought Showtime could have taken a fascinating but tragic turn and had the rest of the show being Seul-hae working alongside Cha-Woong’s ghost to solve criminals, we find out the third outcome: Cha-woong is alive but asleep in a deep, dreamy sleep.

Three months pass Seul-hye can look after ghosts and spend time in their hospital room Cha-woong. We then enter Cha-Woong’s nightmares, in which the character is reliving his previous life in the role of high priest Poong Baek in the court of Princess Cheon-Hwa (Seul-he’s former self) along with her father.

To this point, Cha-woong and we have seen only flashes of this tale, disjointed and not in order. However, now we can see the complete picture.

While Poong Baek possessed incredible power, his ability was due to his Sacred Mirror, which was a gift solely to help others, never to harm. Cheon-Hwa was incredibly devoted to him even though he loved her back, but he was hesitant about sharing his feelings due to his humble upbringing.

Choi Geom (now our General spirit) was Cheon-hwa’s bodyguard and Poong Baek’s best friend. After seeing their shared lust, Choi Geom told Cheon-Hwa that the Poong Baek had retreated into a cave, where his emotions became too intense to handle, where his confessions of love caused flowers to bloom. Oh, I love him.

When Poong Baek confronted Cheon-Hwa within the cave, Cheon-Hwa finally confessed that he’d tried not to be in love with her, but he was unsuccessful. He kissed her, causing the final of his arguments to stall, and she ran right to her father, who at the time she arrived had completely agreed to accept Poong Baek for his son-in-law.

However, as we have learned, their story did not proceed with joy from that point on. Princes of a nearby and much more powerful kingdom were captivated by Cheon-Hwa and decided to get her. He then pressured her father into allowing an arrangement of marriage as an agreement for peace. He’s Cheon-MOO ( Lee Dong-Hwa), The man who would later become the evil spirit that plagues our leaders today.

Cheon-Hwa had begged Poong Baek to leave her alone, but he could not decide to risk her life or abandon his duties by inciting conflict. Cheon-moo didn’t stop his. He invented evidence to prove that Poong Baek sent military secrets to a hostile kingdom and then rewarded Poong Baek with flogging and exile.

Cheon-Hwa ran away from the palace to locate Poong Baek to return his stolen Sacred Mirror. However, Cheon-moo was at her heels, and Poong Baek violated the sacred rules making use of the mirror’s power to defend herself in hopes of securing Cheon-hwa’s escape.

The price of breaking the rules cost him his life. When Poong Baek’s power waned, Cheon-Hwa fell to the sword of Cheon-moo. Afraid, Poong Baek used the rest of his strength to rip Cheon-moo’s spirit off his body and then imprison the bottle he was writing the talisman using himself.

In their last breaths, Cheon-Hwa, Poong Baek, and Cheon-Hwa said they would meet again in the future, and he promised to be the one to give her all the love she merited.

Only after the entire tale is completed, Cha-woong will wake up in the hospital and discover Seul-hae by his bedside. As she worries about his condition, he’s utterly speechless with sadness and joy, realising the significance of having found them once more.

Cha-woong doesn’t waste time fulfilling Poong Baek’s 2,000-year-old promise. He expresses his affection for Seul-hye whenever he gets it and even embroidered his wife’s handkerchief as Cheon-Hwa did for Poong Baek. Although she loves his gestures of affection, she’s extremely irritated by the reality that he’s making his present life all about their past. Which is fair.

Understanding the past also provides Cha-woong with a fresh perspective on Choi Geom. However, this isn’t a great one because he provided”the “evidence” of Poong Baek’s preposterous crime of treason.

He did it to defend his younger brother, who was a traitor. When he saw Cheon-Hwa and Poong Baek dead, he decided to take his own life due to guilt. Instead of stepping into the next life, the man was charged with making things right.

However, before we believe that the past has been gone, there’s another consequence of the night when the Full Moon Killer was caught. Hee-soo didn’t simply arrest the killer; he killed the man. After the spirit of Cheonmoo attracted Hee-soo to the spot and then was able to take him away.

It was an interesting idea to set the majority of these two episodes in the distant past and then stall the present. Now I’m faced with an issue: I loved Poong Baek and Cheon-Hwa way more than I thought and am devastated that they never had the chance to live a happy life.

While I do enjoy the second chance of today to some extent, Seul Hae was correct – she’s not Cheon-Hwa. He’s far from being Poong Baek. The tale about the priest and princess will always remain tragic regardless of how Seul-has and Cha-Woong’s tale unfolds.

Two things that I can support However, I can’t deny that:

1.) Because we’re dealing with the past and reconnecting with it, I loved the details of Cheon-hwa’s loyal maid who died in her efforts to help her escape from being Seul-hae’s present roommate and friend. I like the idea of fated connections that aren’t romantic since familial or platonic bonds can be equally powerful and unique.

2.) I’m eager to see Choi Geom earn his centuries-old due redemption and rid themselves of Cheon-moo permanently.

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