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How To Shoot Marketing Videos For Brands?

Businesses these days are more conscious about their video marketing projects. It doesn’t sound very safe, but still, entities are investing good money to revamp their marketing structures. Ramping up the video marketing strategies could bring various benefits to businesses of all kinds. However, when you think of doing it right – from camera settings to lighting and choosing a good location – you might worry a little. This article will walk you through the entire process of how to shoot marketing videos for brands. Stay tuned and keep scrolling to know more!

Tips for Shooting Marketing Videos:

The barriers to entering the shooting arena are high. It would help perfect camera equipment, lighting, and audio/video optimization software. However, one cannot wear all these hats unless he is an expert. Following are a few steps that could help you go about the shooting process of a marketing video. Let us begin!

1. Create a shooting script:

Video marketing is not a “let’s do it process,” and you cant excel at it without meticulous planning. You need to bring together all your equipment before you even think to start. The first thing on your to-do list should be creating a shooting script. A storyboard with a shooting script will help you figure out what you need to shoot before rolling the camera.

As a video can be incomplete without a screenplay, the same importance goes to your shooting script. Since these two steps are pre-production, you need to pay close attention to set things on the right track. If you don’t know how to start or go through the process, hiring film shooting Abu Dhabi services will certainly help you.

2. Prepare your presenters:

One crucial step you need to take to save your time on the set is to pre-prepare your presenters. All the subjects involved in the shooting process must know what is expected of them. Get everyone on the board and ask them to practice their tasks. You should know what the end product must look like, and you must prepare everyone accordingly.

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One crucial aspect you should not overlook is not asking your presenters to memorize pages of scripts. They are not actors, and you can’t expect much from them. Keep a lenient environment for them to avoid anxiety and stress. However, they must prepare what you assign them on the set.

3. Set your B-Roll footage:

You might not have heard about B-roll footage, but it plays a vital role in the shooting. It would be best to decide in the pre-production phase whether you need B-roll footage or not. It is footage that is not of your primary presenter but your satisfied customers or your office exterior.

If you are shooting an explainer video, you might need B-roll footage. Be prepared for it and take experts on board who will look after this task. Deciding it in the pre-production phase will help you avoid any mishap lately.

4. Take care of lighting:

Now, you are done with the pre-production phase, and it is the production phase you are stepping into. The first thing you need to take care of is lighting on your set. Too lighter or too darker a shot will ruin your marketing video. You can make a few changes to the contrast in the post-production phase, but it is necessary to take the right shot here.

Avoid conflicts between natural light and artificial light as it can give you an evenly lit shot. Since every light source has its unique temperature, it would be best to opt for the most relevant light source. Lit your set accordingly, and you will have a pleasant end product.

5. Set your camera’s white balance:

If you want to account for the varied temperatures of different light sources, you need to set your white camera balance manually. Doing so will help you avoid color casting in your video, giving you an eye-catching end product.

Modern-day cameras have an auto-set white balance, but it can create minor problems. An expert photographer will understand why the manual setting is necessary. If you want your marketing video to be shot by expert cinematographers, consider hiring film shooting services.

6. Check the filming location:

The acoustics of the location you are shooting is vital, and you must check it in advance. A location with eco or lighting issues can pose serious problems in the end. You better inspect the place well before the shooting project.

An ideal location is without an eco or comes with suitable light sources. Opting for such a location is necessary since getting rid of audio or light issues in the post-production phase is a headache.

Expand your Business Reach Through Marketing Videos!

Video content is so popular, so the more you put content at the top of the funnel as video it will give you more benefit to grab the attention. Video content is more likely to keep viewers in their comfort zone and prevent them from engaging in system 2 thinking. The autopilot mental state of System 1 should result in less critical thinking, less friction, and more conversions.

If you’re a beginner in video editing, you can use online tools such as pcmag and clipchamp, or if you want to create videos on your phone, you can use apps such as video maker for business, Inshot, and filimorago. Although mobile apps offer fewer editing options than online video editing tools, they are ideal for short videos such as YouTube shorts or Instagram stories.

Shooting your marketing videos with the help of expert filmmaking companies in matchless. You can tap new audience and penetrate new markets with the help of such projects. Consider hiring experts for the job!

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