Shawn Finnegan An Entrepreneur From Utah Reveals His Winning Business Philosophy

Shawn Finnegan – a serial entrepreneur with an eye for building entrepreneurial success and a leader at forefront of business innovation – recently shared the principles of his business philosophy.

Shawn Finnegan spoke out in a recent interview to share his positive and relationship-focused business outlook. He said that this approach helped him achieve success with his many entrepreneurial ventures. The key to entrepreneurial success lies in people, not processes or systems.

Shawn states that the top trend in business right now is CEOs reaching out and building genuine relationships with founders. The following are his three main principles for a positive business philosophy:

Respecting Individuals

Shawn quickly learned that success doesn’t mean he should be the focus of everything. Shawn, an entrepreneur, learned early on that people should be the focus of all he does. He shared his belief that caring about his employees, helping them improve their skills, and helping to give exceptional customer service, has paid off and helped him to overcome many of the challenges involved in growing and starting a business.

“People need to be valued and appreciated, and all the businesses and people I have worked with (colleagues or customers) should be treated like the unique and valuable individuals they are. “

Treating Customers like Assets

Shawn states that customer service has become a lost art in America. Instead of choosing the easiest route, Shawn expressed his resolve to be available and approachable to his staff. This means making his clients feel comfortable enough so they can approach and trust him as a mentor or advisor.

“I believe in working well with people, respecting them, and helping them succeed in their positions in the company. They can trust me to help align their values and achieve career advancement. We can also work together to maximize our customer service. “

Developing Relationships to Lower Turnover

Shawn also said that entrepreneurs should have a clear focus on reducing turnover, and all associated issues. This can be done by emphasizing a commitment toward the people within the business and creating an environment of respect for customers and employees.

“Ultimately, respecting people is the highest priority in any business relationship. “

Shawn Finnegan

Shawn Finnegan is an entrepreneur who has been in business for years. He uses his proven formula to create a relationship-focused business. His views on the subject stem from his belief that everyone is worth valuing. Shawn is known as a leader in the industry and is expected to continue to lead these innovations for many more years.

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