Scott Jason Cooper Analyses on Different Cryptocurrencies 

Cryptocurrency is not a catchphrase or improbable concept, but has been gaining popularity. It is used as a means to exchange fiat currencies dollars or euros. Scott Jason Cooper analyzes how cryptocurrency is causing a global revolution. It is gaining popularity amongst investors because it cannot be forged as it is secured in blockchain. Besides, it is not regulated or controlled. There is no interference or manipulation from the government. 

In 2009, Bitcoin was the first virtual currency that emerged. It rules the crypto world all alone until 2011 when new varieties started to appear. Rivals also used blockchain technology to build their digital currency. 

At the moment, you will find cryptocurrency varieties in dozens. The basic concept is to mine cryptocurrency coins by solving complex computational algorithms. The mining process allows validating as well as a recording of the involved transaction. Each transaction is documented on a shared database called a blockchain. 

According to Scott Jason Cooper, digital currency is a good investment option suitable for portfolio diversification. However, some fear the wild swings associated with digital currency but there is also the possibility of earning high profits. 

There are some top cryptocurrencies investors can consider. According to Scott Jason Cooper, ‘Bitcoin initiated the essential technique of cryptography and P2P [peer-to-peer] consent that is the foundation for the majority of cryptocurrency types nowadays’. 

Ethereum is the second most popular crypto after Bitcoin. It allows network members to publish, monetize, and create apps. Until now, Ethereum has driven multiple non-fungible tokens, digital collectibles, and blockchain art. 

Due to the extremely volatile nature of cryptocurrency, stablecoins were created. Tether was the first stablecoin, whose value was pegged with a dollar. Traders can use Tether as a hedge and escape the extreme instability in the cryptocurrency landscape. 

Mining digital currencies like Bitcoin’s significant power and PoW [proof of work] is required. Cardano is a market winner that uses PoS [proof of stake] that eliminates the power consumption and PoW issue making the network sustainable and efficient. It is called ADA after Ada Lovelace, a popular 19th-century scholar.

Even if it was Bitcoin that initiated the cryptocurrency boom a few years ago, there are several digital currency options for investors and traders to consider. Digital currencies contain stablecoins, tokens, and utility coins that are used to fulfill certain functions. Fiat currencies are government regulated and function as means of wealth. 

Currently, cryptocurrency is escalating in prominence because large organizations and institutions are investing in it. However, the uncertainty of whether the government authorities will accept it or not still surrounds it. At the moment, the El Salvador government officially supports cryptocurrency payments. Scott Jason Cooper suggests that Mainstream acceptance is crucial for the success of digital currency and not just its popularity. 

Cryptocurrency is digital, so it is vulnerable to cyber-attacks. Digital coins need a wallet to store, send, and receive cryptocurrency. Online wallets can be hacked and it is impossible to retrieve the stolen or misplaced digital coins. 

Cryptocurrency is still in its infancy….it is just 13 years old. There is less evidence regarding Bitcoin or Ethereum or Tether investment. It is not possible to perform a long-term cryptocurrency performance analysis like stocks, gold, Forex, and more. 

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