Save Money Every Time You Shop At Walgreens With These Tips!

Walgreens is one of the largest drugstore chains with thousands of stores spread across the United States. Walgreens offers shopping for healthcare products, beauty supplies, and pharmacy services. Thus, if you are a US resident, chances are you must have done your health and wellness shopping at the store. However, if you are not careful enough, you can drain your wallet in no time while shopping at the Walgreens.

So below are some smart shopping tips that can help you save dollars the next time you visit the Walgreens.

Download The Walgreens App 

With a Walgreens App installed in your phone, you can enjoy several benefits. For example, you can easily refill the prescriptions, or talk to a pharmacist. You can also access coupons or deals and save money. With the Walgreens App, you can easily browse Walgreens Weekly Ads and find the most trending deals. You can use this at the checkout to redeem coupons, earn points, or pay via Google Pay/Apple Pay.

Moreover, the store app also allows you to check the product availability and compare prices. If you are buying an expensive health care or beauty product, this feature can be extremely helpful to you. You can download Walgreens App for iOS or Android devices.

Use Register Rewards

Most shoppers throw their receipt into their bag after checkout and never see it again. However, when you are shopping at the Walgreens, pay attention to all the papers you get after the checkout. Register rewards are like cash that are printed with your receipt on buying some specific products. But you can only buy one of each item that can provide you with a registered reward in a transaction. 

Use Walgreens Coupons

Walgreens stores display their coupon in the weekly Ads; you can use these coupons along with the manufacturer coupons. Though the store offers sales or deals on its products, they also want to make you save even more by using in-store coupons. The best time to buy products is when they are on a sale. By pairing the sale with coupons, you can lower the burden on your pocket.

Take Advantage Of Exclusive Deals Online

Walgreens store offers free shipping on several products, making it easy for you to shop online. In addition, the store also offers exclusive deals online; you can browse through the online deals section of the store and find what they have for you. Some of the examples of online deals include price cuts, rebates, bonus balance reward points, etc.

Find A Rain Check For Out-Of-Stock Items

When Walgreens stores mark down an item, but the item gets out-of-stock, you are eligible for a rain check to buy an item at a sale price later. Furthermore, the store employees may also provide you with a substitute of a similar product. Keep in mind that you can use these rain checks only for in-store shopping. And, these checks are valid for 60 days only.

With these handfuls of tips, you can save a lot of money while shopping at the Walgreens.

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