Sacred Sexuality Healing for Powerful Intimacy with Soul-Mate

Humans are sexual and spiritual beings, yet there is a need to learn what is sex, how to enjoy it, and uplift realization via the sacred sexual energy. The majority of people never discuss their bedroom activities. They keep it a secret because it is based on egoism, instant gratification, and orgasm. It becomes rhetoric because transformation and healing are ignored during sex. 

What is sexual healing?

Sexuality is that part of people’s lives that is left hidden. Unlike routines, careers, and hobbies you don’t explore your sexual needs even if it is the core of your life. There is a simple reason – disgrace or embarrassment.

Several carry a kind of sexual guilt that sex is sinful, bad, or dirty. It is wrong because sexuality is a sacred activity. After all, without it, no human being would exist. In the modern world, sex is focused externally. It is an objectionable form mired in fantasy, watched as spectators from the sidelines via ‘porn’. 

Many people experience sexual shame and trauma, especially growing up in a specific religious cult. They approach sacred sexuality healers at Tantric Academy to overcome their sexual guilt, love themselves, and enjoy deep connections. 

The human flesh’s warmth is taken for granted in modern culture. It creates an orgasm but is animalistic and short. On the other hand, sex is a spiritual union with the soul. It exists within everyone, all the time!

Sex can be life-changing and transformational when you seek spiritual union. It is a potent energy that people have been missing out on. If sex is experienced as sacred without any guilt then it offers an opportunity to understand that you need fixing. You are not broken but perfect. 

When you recognize the oneness with your breath the magic starts. You can start living life fuller through sacred sexual healing. It is possible via education, trauma release, exploration, curiosity, and increased emotional understanding. 

Tips for sacred sex healing

Sacred sex healing does not need a partner, you can go solo.

  • Accept you are a spiritual being created by God like everything on the Earth.
  • Never feel shame about sex. Recognize sexuality to be spiritual, amazing, wild, natural, and erotic. It has to occur without any guilt!
  • Expand your sexual recognition towards your soul mate. Sex with the partner has to be in the form of worship.
  • Create an environment, where sacred sex blossoms. Engage senses, sprinkle rose petals, play music, and light candles, in the bedroom to encourage healing and a spiritual vibe. 
  • Cleanliness is crucial when you plan to encounter the divine. Prepare your body like wear stunning clothes suitable to the sacred space, wear makeup, style your hair, and apply stimulating perfume. 
  • Start sacred sex with an essential oil ritual. Anoint one another with sandalwood or rose oils on the crown, 3rd eye, heart, and genitals.
  • Look into one another’s eyes and be completely aware of the moment. Explore sexual intimacy or you can learn about tantric sex.
  • When you reach orgasm feel release and bliss. 
  • Practice luxurious aftercare with some dark chocolate, snuggle and enjoy this expanded intimacy journey.

Learn about sacred sexual healing and feel the power of intense intimacy with your soulmate!

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