Roles and Responsibilities of Patent Attorney

The patent system encourages unique personal inventions in terms of no previous or similar work done on it. It is a right given by the federal government to the inventor.

Patent Attorneys or agents are experienced at preparing and prosecuting their client’s case to obtain a patent. A patent protects an inventor’s unique design and prevents others from selling it or using it for a given time.

Big brands or companies use patents to protect their productions; for example, M&M’s is a famous brand, it used patents as protection against others to copy its production method.

It can be a great idea to get a patent if you aim at the international market.

Who are Patent Attorneys, and what do they do?

The job of patent attorneys is to assist their clients in obtaining a patent. They have specialized qualifications to prepare and fill clients’ applications and represent them in court for patent-related matters.

Roles and Responsibilities of Patent Attorneys

Let’s discuss some of the primary responsibilities of patent attorneys.

  1. Provide Best Legal Advice

You have made an invention. To make sure only you can use it commercially and no one else can get benefit from it in your competition, that’s where the role of patent attorney kicks in.

The main job of an Idaho patent attorney is to provide the best legal advice to their clients on how to protect client’s intellectual property rights and their unique design.

It’s their responsibility to provide enough details about copyrights laws to their clients and what things are needed to obtain a patent.

  1. Conduct Legal and Scientific Research

Patent systems vary from country to country. Patent attorneys require to conduct extensive research on their client’s case before executing it in court. 

Their job is to cover all the essential and factual points necessary to get a patent for the client’s case.

An attorney should make sure that there is no similar work done on the invention before. The attorney should prepare enough for the client’s case to make it non-objectable and robust in court. 

  1. Prepare Application for the Client 

Patent applications are not easy to make. Writing a patent application is a professional job. After filing your application, you can not change it or add new things to your application. Patent Attorneys help prepare the client’s application.

You can provide your patent description either online or on paper. An attorney’s job is to write a proper description of the client’s invention in the application, whether online or on paper.

If the client isn’t an owner or hasn’t made the invention on their own, then patent Attorneys need to write a statement on the right to the invention.

Patent Attorneys should also draw invention drawings to illustrate the client’s invention. Drawings help better to understand the product.

  1. Write Proper Description of Client’s Invention

Patent Attorneys are skilled in writing compelling descriptions of inventions for their clients. They make sure the description of an invention is in written form.

The attorney’s description should be so clear to be further used by a skilled person in this field. Otherwise, it may get rejected.

Attorneys make sure the title of the invention is unique and short. It’s also their responsibility to mention all the invention claims in the patent application.

They also need to make sure the description has one detailed example of how the invention works. The example must illustrate all the claims of the client’s invention.

  1. File Application of Client’s Invention

Attorney files client’s applications in many ways, either by posting them to the Patent Registration Office or faxing the client’s application.

One of the easiest ways to file your patent application is through an Idaho patent attorney. Idaho Patent Attorneys is a most reliable and authentic site. 

Once your attorney files your application, the next step is to post it to the Patents registrations office. Epoline Online Filing is free software through which attorneys can file their patent applications.


As a patent provides enough protection to your unique invention, it is also crucial to select a professional patent attorney by doing extensive research on the internet.

Make sure to make a list of some qualified professional attorneys to make it easy for you to finalize the one among them. 

After selecting your ideal attorney, arrange a meeting with your attorney to discuss your invention, to begin with. Figure out if you are comfortable with the attorney.

Try to get in touch with him as much as possible and ask frequent questions while preparing for your patent application.

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