Revamp Your Closet With These Winter Must-Have Shoes

When it comes to fashion choices and outfit planning shoes have vital importance and women’s footwear has a wide range of variety as well as men’s. However, the important thing is to style the right footwear with the right outfit. There are also different kinds of shoes for different occasions, seasons, and events. For example, in summers you would want your foot to breathe so you might go for flip flops, flats, or sandals. While in winters you want to stay cozy and warm so you will go for slip-ons such as loafers, sneakers, etc.


The one basic shoes every men and women need is the crisp white sneaker that is comfortable and will last season after season. Sneakers are the most versatile type of shoes and you can pair them with anything to give you a casual chic look. They are also extremely comfortable and are the ultimate go-to if you want to run your daily errands, or go for a walk. Sneakers are also extremely popular in the Parisian style, just style them with baggy jeans and a button-down shirt and you will have a classy chic look.


Speaking of Parisian and masculine fashion being popular among women, loafers are the ultimate trend of 2020 and 2021. They have been around for a while now in menswear footwear but they are now also big in women’s footwear as well. You can pair them with a formal pant coat as well as with jeans and a tee. They will instantly give you a semi-casual chic look. Recently we have been seeing the trend of chunky loafers which are extremely fashion-forward and give you that extra height. Laceup is also another popular type of shoe among men.

Court Shoes

They are yet another type of heels but more comfortable and perfect for everyday use. Court shoes are a classic style made for sophisticated and modest working women who want to look formal and polished without hurting their toes. They also go with everything. Choose neutral colors while buying court shoes as they are evergreen and will last season after season. We love these heels because they give out a contoured and lady-like look. They are also extremely popular among royals and political personalities who don’t want to go for bold fashion choices.


Another type of shoe that is extremely comfortable and is made for petite ladies is wedges. They were the biggest trend of the 70s and they have made a comeback in 2019 with platforms and padded sandals mostly worn in summers and beaches. Wedges are extremely easy to carry and look amazing on everyone. Just pair them with a casual outfit with some accessories to have an effortless look. They also give out a hobo vibe which we love.

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