Renting vs Buying – Which Is Better?

The place where you live greatly affects the continuity of your life. Renting or buying an apartment whether it is an ordinary apartment or a studio apartment is a very important decision and both of these decisions are reflected in their advantages and disadvantages. The decision you will make not only affects how much money you will have left at the end of the month but also on your lifestyle and the amount of savings over the years.

Before making a decision on which option to go with, consider the advantages and disadvantages that we will present below.

1. Renting an apartment gigatron

Renting an apartment or studio apartment allows you to move around without any obstacles when the rental is over. But the disadvantage of living in apartments or rented houses is that the owner can move you out of the apartment without warning the moment he finds a potential buyer of the apartment.

Small families are the ones who in most cases gigatron decide to rent apartments and wait until their family grows so that they can then buy an apartment instead of continuing to live on rent.

When you live in a rented apartment the monthly expenses are higher because in addition to the monthly bills you also have to pay the right amount for the rent of the apartment. Therefore whether you decide to live on rent or not remains your choice and it depends on how much you are paid and how you calculate your monthly expenses.

2. Buying an apartment

Buying an apartment brings many benefits. Starting with the stability, belonging to a community and the ownership you gain over that apartment.

In most cases people may think that buying an apartment is more costly than renting it but what you need to know is that actually paying the rent is more costly than buying an apartment. This is because as long as you pay the rent every month and do not spend that money on the home buying process, you are helping the apartment owner to take advantage of you while depriving yourself of the opportunity to use that money to buy your apartment.

3. Renting or buying? Advantages and limundo disadvantages

1. Buying tehnomanija

Before you decide to buy an apartment it is very important to consider how this purchase will affect your finances and longevity. Therefore, analyze these advantages and disadvantages which we will present below and see tehnomanija if you are ready to become a housewife.


    • Stability     

    • Enables the growth of wealth

    • Privacy

   • Repair or remodel the apartment whenever you feel it is necessary

    • You do not need to ask permission from anyone

    • Decisions about the apartment are made by you

    • You have full ownership


    • You need to repair any damage done to the home

    • You cannot change residence often

    • It will be harder to sell the apartment if you want

    • Increased costs for repair, remodeling and taking of the apartment

2. Renting

Renting an apartment can be considered as a favorable decision for most of us but there are also difficulties and drawbacks. Depending on how your financial situation is and how you plan your lifestyle these are the things you need to consider before making this decision.


    • You are not responsible for repairing the damage

    • You can change the location whenever you want

    • You do not need to worry about the sale value of the apartment

    • You do not pay housing tax

    • The apartment is furnished and ready for living


    • You do not gain anything from the investment you make in the apartment

    • The monthly payment you make goes to limundo the benefit of the landlord

  • The landlord may decide to sell the apartment at a time that is not convenient for you.

    • The landlord can raise the price of housing.

    • You will need to live constantly on the move


After considering all these points discussed above the decision you will make will be based on what is most suitable for you and your family.

Renting accommodation offers the opportunity to move more easily during the various life experiences you may have such as schooling and work, while owning an apartment offers you the opportunity to have permanent residence and invest. Both options have their advantages and disadvantages, but it is up to you which option you will choose.

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