Rent Your Parking Space and Make Extra Cash To Pay Off For Your Parking Spot

If you live in any of the big Slovakian cities like Kosice then chances are you are paying a good amount of money for parking your car. Parking in the middle of this easter Slovakian city can be strenuous and at times impossible. Therefore, you might have taken a garage or a parking space on rent for which you are paying weekly or monthly rent.

The fact that free parking is not available in the centre of the city during weekdays makes it more difficult to look up parking opportunities in Kosice. The city operates on residential paid parking since 2019. The money raised is used to improve the infrastructure of Kosice, make bike paths and construct new parking lots for the residents.

Residential parking facility

The city’s website for paying car parking fees online makes the process of facilitating residential parking easy for the citizens. People can either get a parking card online or pay a one-time parking fee by card or through a message on 2200.

Most the Slovakian citizens opt for rented parking lots and garages for rent to avoid the everyday hassle and uncertainty of finding a parking space

Renting your parking space

Once you get a covered parking space or a rented garage in Slovak city, you get peace of mind and a safe secured place for parking your car any time of the day or night, but you are also paying for it. However, have you ever thought about using your vacant parking spot for rent to make some extra money when it is not in use?

People in Slovak cities look for parking spaces and are willing to pay a good amount. When you rent out your parking space, you have someone else pay for the spot every time they use it. This way you are making some extra spending cash with which perhaps you can pay off most of your parking rent.

Whatever might be the reason, turning down free cash is difficult. You need a few minutes to list your parking spot, but it will end up earning you hundreds or maybe thousands of euros yearly.

List your parking space for rent

You must be wondering that renting out your car park would be like holding a placard next to your parking space that says “for rent”. There is no need to do so. Fortunately, the Slovak cities have various websites that do the job for you where you can list your parking spot for rent.

The websites are safe and customizable with everything under your control. Your parking space will be available whenever you need it as you can always deny access to a driver.

Dealing directly with the driver

While listing your parking spot online, there is no middle man and you are communicating directly with the person who is interested in taking your parking lot for rent. This eradicates any kind of confusion and also saves a lot of money.

Sharing your parking space is extremely beneficial as you make good money from your rented space that is idle when not in use.

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