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Refining Gaming User Experience with Unity: The One-Way Ticket To Your Video Game Success

74% of visitors come back to websites that excel in high mobile user experience. (Digital Intelligence Briefing)

What would you prefer?

A website taking ages to open or a website opens within a blink of an eye?

The second one, undoubtedly.

Video gaming user experience also implies the same.

As a matter of fact, a gamer’s brain is no different from that. Gamers enjoy video games that take little time to load, offer a stable framerate, and have high input responsiveness.

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Moreover, do you take pleasure in being lectured?

No, right?

If you ask your players to read a five-page manual before diving into the game, they will leave it immediately.

These subtle psychological aspects matter when improving the gaming user experience, even with Unity 3D game development.

User Experience or UX in video games is nothing new. But, in recent times, it has been undergoing evolution. Video game developers are now twisting the game development process to make the video gaming experience more refined.

And why not.

If a mobile development company intends to make the best of this booming video game industry, it must work on user experience improvements.

So, how to improve the user experience in a video game?

It Is All About Improving The Video Game Flow

Gaming user experience refinement is not about making the video game easy and flat. It is all about making the game flow easy-peasy.

As a matter of fact, the primary intention of UX design is to make the idea and theme of the video game resonate with the players.

The more the developers focus on a better user experience, the players find the game engaging, comprehensible, and playable.

After all, you are developing video gamers for your gamers.

Tips To Improve Gaming User Experience

Following are the significant ways game developers can refine the gaming user experience with Unity.

Players Rule The Gaming World

Firstly, the role of your targeted audience is essential in every step of game development.

You are developing a dashing game.

It is on the right track. 

You are so sure about its success.

But, for whom are you building the game?

You are doing this for your gamers. So never forget that. 

If your users feel unsatisfied with your game, then forget about the success. 

  • Hence, the first step involves getting a deep insight into your targeted gamer’s brain and discovering what they expect from your video game.
  • Do they want a short and crisp instruction or a detailed one, or what kind of characters do they like to see in that particular video game genre?

 Identify this one first and then proceed with Unity.

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While Choosing Your Character

Undoubtedly the video game characters breathe life into a video game.

Characters of your video game also impact the gaming user experience. 

  • It does not matter how extensively advanced technologies you have implemented in your game development. Unless you work on your game characters, it never allures the gamers.
  • Moreover, a gamer’s in-game preferences vary from one game to another. Even sometimes, it differs from one player’s persona to another.
  • Some gamers like action games, fights, and killing enemies. On the other hand, some of them prefer to unleash their inner creativity through tinkering with virtual collectibles.
  • While designing, developing, and marketing video games, try to cater your games to all kinds of gamers. You need to focus on the different aspects of your game.
  • To summarise, do not try to replicate the basic database structure. Consider the demand of your targeted audience, build your characters accordingly, and market your video game.

Level Designing Is Also An Art

Level designing also holds an impact on leveling up the gaming user experience.

  • Some players prefer a roller coaster ride throughout the game. They usually look for more trouble and fun.
  • However, another group of players looks forward to less difficulty. Thus, too many challenges on their path turn off their enthusiasm.

Consequently, their experience with the gaming user experience falls on the ground.

So, while designing and developing the level of your video game, you need to know what your audience will prefer in your game. It is going to have a straight impact on the video gaming user experience.

Random Rewarding

Who does not love gifts and rewards?

Everyone. Right?

Can you find a video game without any reward?

Definitely not. No matter how hard you scout around and bang your head on the wall, it is impossible to find a video game without any reward.

In fact, gamers will never play a game that does not offer any reward.h

Defeat the enemy and go to the next level with a brand-new shiny weapon in hand.

It is a most common picture of a video game reward.

The most exciting fact is that in-game rewards directly link to the gaming user experience.

Immediate rewards activate the gamer’s brain undoubtedly.

So, as a reputable mobile game development company, try to work on the reward part of your game. Don’t leave any possibilities to shower virtual gifts on your gamers randomly.

Final Words

To conclude, the gaming user experience is one of the most crucial parts of the entire game design and development.

Sometimes, game developers infuse the gameplay with so many technological excellencies that the gaming experience drops.

It is not acceptable in the gaming world.

You can show your skill and artistry without nullifying the gaming user experience.

Unless your gameplay hits the right chord of the audience, how can you make your game a success?

Online game revenue will hit $26.29 billion by 2022. (Statista)

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If you want to taste a fair share of the gaming market growth, work on your video game UX.

However, The gaming user experience improvement is a gradual process. It involves each segment of the game design and development pipeline. When you work on improving each part of your Unity 3D game development, the UX will come out full-bloomed.

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