Reasons to choose twitch for live streaming

Twitch is considered the undisputed leader within the online gaming circles. The importance of streaming games on the platform cannot be emphasized more. Through games, the platform rose to its present-day popularity. Compared to other live-streaming platforms, Twitch accounts for 72% of all videos streamed online. This platform has more broadcasters than its competitors. This generates a load of consumable content for its users. Through its unique ability to reach out to and attract its viewers, Twitch has claimed more audience than its competitors.

‘Why should I choose Twitch over YouTube?’ they ask. As a streamer, you want more viewers, right? Moreover, people normally stream for fun though there are streamers who make a living out of streaming. If these are the reasons why you stream, then there is no better place to be than Twitch. They get to peel the results. You only need to sit and enjoy the ride. Get into Twitch and all these will be yours.

1. Monetization

Compared to YouTube, it is way much easier to earn on Twitch. Are you a YouTube broadcaster? How did you increase your views? A YouTube broadcaster needs more than 4000 watch hours in a year and more than 1000 subscribers to monetize his channel. How challenging is it to filter through this? Just imagine, you are just a starter. Where would you get 1000 subscribers if you don’t market your brand through social media platforms and buy YouTube subscribers?You can get friends to subscribe to your channel, they can even rally their friends to support you. But how many of your subscribers watch your content? This is the needle mover. As a YouTuber, remember you have to meet the two criteria before you receive some cash.

On Twitch, You can monetize just after getting affiliate status. This is very easy to achieve; you only need 500 streaming minutes and 7 unique streams for 30 days together with 50 followers. Only influential people can monetize their YouTube channel. While Twitch is for everyone; both the established and the starters.

2. More traffic

Just in the second quarter of 2019 alone, Twitch recorded 2.72 billion hours of streams leaving its immediate competitor, YouTube with just 736 million hours of streaming. What does this insinuate? Does it in any way impact the number of traffic you receive? At its core, the higher the number of hours streamed, the higher the traffic the content creators will receive. Where in the World would you expect to beat someone who has more than tripled you? It is like a monopoly power.

This can be said of Twitch and its competitors on live streaming. Though we associate negative connotations with monopoly, Twitch enjoys monopoly power. This they get by offering 10xers experience, comprehensively competitive products. All factors are constant, if two streamers, one on YouTube and the other on Twitch offer similar content, expect Twitch streamer to bite you at your own game; Your viewers will most likely be tripled. You don’t want this.

When it comes to online streaming, Twitch is incomparable to any other platform. It has more than 80% of the total streaming hours. Just imagine, in a competition, if one competitor owns more than 80% of the market share. Is that someone you want to compete with? Do you want to kill your streams or steer them to the next level? It is yours for the choosing but remembers, you can as well make a living out of this.

3. There are different streaming levels on Twitch

Twitch has three levels of streamers; these include streamers, affiliate, and partners

  • Streamers; this is open to anyone above 18 years. If underage, you have to be supervised by a guardian. How do you do this? Does it involve the use of expensive equipment? This is all you have to do; once streaming commences, you can quickly access the chat and dashboard analytics. Through each live stream, you will easily track the progress of the broadcaster
  • Affiliate; this is like a promotion. This is normally for streamers who have enough engagement and viewership in their channels. Have you reached this level? You will get so many tools at your disposal.
  • Partner; this is what follows after becoming an affiliate. This is the caveat though. There are set criteria for becoming a twitch partner. Though not easy, it comes with an arsenal of tools at your disposal.

When last did you use any platform with your interest at heart? It has been long, right. Do you want to reignite these feelings? It’s only on Twitch that you will relieve such experiences.

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