Reasons for the popularity of plantation shutters

Every home and family requires different ideas and needs regarding layout, aesthetics, functionality, and overall design for all facets of their home. Window coverings are one of the most important aspects of home protection and architectural aesthetic. Every home needs some window covering to maintain a comfortable interior environment and protect the house from the elements of weather and intruders.

Among various types of window coverings, plantation shutters are a popular choice for all places, from homes to offices. Also known as plantation blinds are an excellent long-term investment. The window coverings with wide louvers are especially suitable for warmer climates due to the louvers’ adjustability that gives more options of control. The wide lovers, about 3.5 inches to 4.5 inches, provide an elegant look to the windows suitable for bedrooms and dining rooms.

As you can now buy interior Plantation Shutters Melbourne online, know the benefits before deciding to install them.

Energy efficiency

Plantation shutters are highly efficient in energy conservation which becomes the most critical factor when selecting window coverings. Everyone wants to create energy-efficient homes for which plantation shutters are the best choice. Since the plantation shutters sit tightly on the window frame, completely sealed from all sides, it does not allow any heat exchange across the window while in closed condition. The windows help maintain optimal internal temperature with minimal or no use of any heating or cooling equipment by preventing air exchange to and from the building.


Plantation shutters made from wood, vinyl, faux wood, or composite material are weather resistant and last for a much longer time without any damage. Shutters made from composite material are excellent for high humid areas as they can prevent the fading and cracking of the windows.  The weather-resistant property of composite materials for plantation windows makes it ideal for use in hot kitchens and steamy bathrooms as it remains unaffected by the conditions.

Light control

The nature of installation of Plantation shutters that remain flushed with the window frame restricts the amount of light that enters through the window. Homeowners have better control over the amount of light they would like to allow into the room so that you do not need to worry about the glare of the setting sun on the television screen. You can either close the shutters entirely or adjust the louvers to control the light entry to the room according to your need.

Easy maintenance

Plantation shutters are easy to maintain due to the nature of their construction. The sturdy shutters can withstand some friction that makes them easy to clean by using the brush attachment of a vacuum cleaner. It is also easy to clean the dust and dirt from the shutters by wiping them with a dry clean cloth.  You can clean the windows on your own without any concern for damage, and it saves the cost of hiring professional window cleaners.

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