Pursue a Degree of LLB and LLM from the Best Colleges in India

LLB is a bachelor of law three-year degree course and is offered to candidates by the best LLB colleges in India. Students need to be graduates in any subject or discipline of three or four-year duration if they want to pursue an LLB course. They should have a minimum of 50% aggregate in their graduation. This course is designed in such a unique way that the curriculum is divided into six semesters in its three-year duration. As required by the best LLB colleges in India students need to take part in regulatory classes, internships, and tutorial work.

A post-graduate degree in law is called an LLM, master of law, or LLM course offered at the best LLM colleges in Delhi NCR is of two years duration. The course curriculum of the best LLM colleges in Delhi NCR is designed in such a way that the law course is divided into four semesters. In the best LLM colleges in Delhi NCR, candidates gain a very in-depth knowledge of a specific field of law by intensive research in that particular domain of law.


Every student has different types of employable and soft skills they are born with or work on, what’s important is what their profession requires those skills or not. Students should have employable skills to succeed in this popular course called LLB. Law is a very demanding career choice and requires candidates to be thorough with their subjects and also, be willing to work long hours. They should have clarity of speech, intellect, interest in research, integrity, and ability to analyze facts. They should have an interest in detail, mental and physical stamina, good presentation skills, and interest in research, objectivity, and convincing power to make their case. They should have the ability to argue on a topic and good judgment of people. These skills are enhanced with the help of the best LLB colleges in India.


When they apply for an LLM course candidates have to select the law specialization in which they want to make their future. Aspirants can pursue a degree in LLM from the best LLM colleges in Delhi NCR with a specialization such as competition law, business law, constitutional law, environment & media law, family law, healthcare law, administrative law, banking law, contract law, cyber law, education law, environment law, real estate law, criminal law, mergers and acquisition law, international law, administrative law, corporate law, commercial law, civil law, tax lock my patent law, intellectual property law, and the list goes on.


Amity Law School at Amity University Gurugram offers this course as well. The subjects included are a few main and core courses, clinical courses, and open elective courses. Core Courses include constitutional law of India, crimes jurisprudence, criminal procedure code, evidence law, law contract, family law, the law of torts, and the clinical courses involved include arbitration and alternate dispute resolution. Students can choose their own foreign business language and outdoor activity-based courses at the best LLB colleges in India.

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