Proven Steps for Writing an Nursing Essay Properly

Writing nursing essays is not an easy task. It requires a lot of time and effort. The nursing student has to be very careful while writing the essay as it will have a great impact on his/her future career. A good nursing essay should contain all the information about the subject in a well-organized manner. This article contains some tips that can help you write a good nursing essay.

1) Choose your topic carefully:

The first thing that you need to do before starting writing your essay is to choose a suitable topic You must know what you want to talk about in the essay. If you are unsure, you can read content related to your topic, including journal articles and credible websites to have a general understanding of the topic.

2) Read the instructions carefully:

Before beginning writing, make sure that you understand the instructions given by the instructor. These are the guidelines that you must follow when writing the essay. Make sure that you don’t miss any important points while reading these instructions.

Writing a paper that does not follow your professor’s instructions or is out of topic may result in poor grades. So, you must be very careful while following the instructions. For instance, if your instructor wants you to write 1500 words, ensure that your paper is within that range.

3) Write the introduction:

In this section, you give a brief description of the topic. It is one of the most important sections of a nursing essay. You also describe the problem that you are going to solve in the rest of the paper. Be specific and avoid using vague terms like “everyone knows”.

The introduction is your only opportunity to catch your readers’ (instructors) attention. Do not waste it!

4) Conclude the introduction with a thesis statement

A thesis statement is a sentence or two that summarizes the main idea of the entire essay. It provides the direction for the rest of the essay. Your thesis statement should be short and clear. Try to avoid using long sentences. Also, try to use active voice instead of passive voice.

Moreover, the thesis statement should be the last sentence of the introduction.

5) Start writing the body paragraphs

You start writing the body paragraph after completing the introduction. Each paragraph should include a new thought and provide supporting evidence. You should support each claim with at least three pieces of evidence. In addition, you should refer to the thesis statement whenever possible.

Each paragraph must start with a topic sentence, and the rest of the content should support this claim you make in the sentence.

Ensure that you conclude each body paragraph with a concluding sentence, which should state your final thoughts regarding the paragraph.

6) Use appropriate language

Use correct grammar and vocabulary in your essay. Avoid using slang and colloquial expressions. Remember that your audience includes both professors and other students. So, you must use formal language.

You must also avoid using excessive jargon. Jargon is an academic term used by professionals. It is usually difficult for non-professionals to understand. So, you must avoid using such terms unless they are necessary.

7) Proofread your work thoroughly

After you finish writing the article, go through it again. Check every word, phrase, and sentence. Correct spelling mistakes, grammatical errors, and punctuation problems.

Imagine doing all the research, formatting your paper properly, and religiously following the instructions, but getting some marks deducted because of grammatical errors.

Nursing essays that have numerous errors appear unprofessional.

Reading your essay out loud can help you identify any areas where you may need to correct or add more details. If you notice that you are repeating yourself, you might want to add more detail to the paragraph.

8) Formatting your nursing essay

Formatting is another important part of writing a good essay. All essays must have a title page, table of contents, references, and bibliography. Julian, a professional nursing essay writer at Freelance Essays emphasizes that how you format your paper can make the difference between high grades or low grades.

However, this depends on the requirements of your professor. They specify the formatting style that you need to use, so you have to use it.

9) Keep a consistent tone throughout the essay

Your tone should remain consistent from the introduction to the conclusion. You must avoid changing the tone during the essay. This will only confuse your readers.

Always use the third person point of view unless you’re writing a reflection paper or the instructions require you to use the first-person point of view. Objectivity is one of the most important qualities of a good nursing essay, hence ensure that you incorporate it by not using words such as ‘I’, “me”, “you”, and “your”.

10) Organize your ideas logically:

This is another important part of a nursing essay. Here, you organize your thoughts into paragraphs. Each paragraph represents a separate idea. Use subheadings to divide each paragraph. This helps the readers to find their way through the paper easily.

11) Be concise

Make sure that you keep your essay brief. Conciseness is one of the most important features of academic writing. Avoid repetitions or long phrases just to meet the word count requirements.

For instance, instead of writing “a nurse who works in the psychiatric ward”, write “a psychiatric ward nurse”. See the difference?

Also, you need to be specific in your nursing essay. You should give examples and explanations whenever possible. Vagueness and lack of specific details can indicate that you were not sure or confident when writing your paper.

12) Concluding paragraph

You don’t g want to leave your readers hanging. Always end a nursing essay with a conclusion, which is the last paragraph of your paper. It is one of the requirements of a properly formatted paper. In this paragraph, you summarize what you have written earlier in the paper and provide your final thoughts.

13) Bibliography

Bibliographies are essential for academic papers. A bibliography includes the names of books, articles, websites, etc., that you used while writing your paper. It also lists the sources that you referred to in your paper. Ensure that you use a style that is consistent with your instructor’s requirements. If you write your paper in APA, ensure the bibliography is in APA as well.

In conclusion, if you follow these tips, you’ll be able to create an excellent nursing essay.



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