Professional Carpenter Service Provider Company

Professional Carpenter Service Provider Company

We solve all types of tasks within the carpentry profession, carpenter in, has solid experience in solving all types of tasks within the carpentry profession: Replacement and renovation of kitchens New kitchen New windows and new doors Carport Replacement and repair of roofs

In recent years, we have experienced a greater demand for exclusive cases, which has meant that we have specialized in exclusive construction projects. We have expanded the range of our suppliers so that we can deliver exactly the special materials our exclusive customers want. Whether it is a special kind of tile, a special kind of pane or a special kind of wood, we are ready to help you tømrer (Carpenter).

Exclusive construction projects include renovations or conversions of large villas, newer residential complexes or buildings where the choice of materials is out of the ordinary. In all our construction tasks, we demand detail regardless of size and material choice, but for exclusive construction projects, it requires specialization in detailed work with special materials, to deliver a high quality – and we have that specialization!

I perform all carpentry work within maintenance, renovation as well as extensions and new construction. Here are a few examples of what I do most of: 

– Bathrooms

– Window replacement.

– Roof renovation and repair 

– Construction of carports, garages, sheds and playhouses 

– Holiday homes and terraces

– Turnkey contract for small projects

Contact us and get a quote on carpentry, the surrounding area.

You have come to the right place if you have plans for a new bathroom in or in the rest of the capital area. At, we are specialists in both installation and renovation of bathrooms. We have solid experience and are happy to come out and provide a non-binding offer for bathroom renovation. and the rest of the capital area are our home ground when it comes to bathrooms.

We make your dream of a new bathroom a reality

When you have taken over a house that is not brand new, or you have lived in the same house or the same apartment for many years, there comes a time when you will find that your bathroom is outdated tømrerfirma (Carpenter company). It can be difficult to decide what a new bathroom should look like, but at Martin Landry we see it as a natural part of our job to guide and advise you on all the options that may be. It may even be that we have a few solutions that you had not even thought of?

We can create a new bathroom in Valise and anywhere

At, we have solid experience with both bathroom renovations and the surrounding area and with building a completely new bathroom. We can create it under almost any condition, even what immediately seems completely impossible tømrerfirma (Carpenter company). Some older properties have small toilets – but here we can make suggestions and point out options. Maybe there can be room by including something from another room? We are happy to provide input for your bathroom project.

New bathroom get an offer. You are very welcome to fill out our contact form or call 52 64 80 50 for questions or a non-binding offer. We will get back to you as soon as possible regarding a new bathroom.

We are happy to come out and assess your carpentry job and then give you a non-binding offer. We solve all carpentry tasks and are happy to offer total solutions. We have regular partners that we can vouch for at any time. Martin, but we naturally like to drive out as a carpenter in Copenhagen. Start your construction project – call us today on telephone 30 95 55 76 or use our contact form.

In conclusion, carpenter service in Copenhagen is a great option for those who need quality work done at an affordable price. The carpenters are experienced and can help you with a variety of projects, big or small. If you’re looking for a reliable carpenter in Copenhagen, be sure to give these professionals a call.

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