Power-Up Your SEO With Essential Elements

Power-Up Your SEO With Essential Elements

SEO is a game of winners who keep competing with each other to keep getting better and better. This keeps the standards high and the industry one of the best investments fiscally as well as performance-wise.

Because of the constant re-invention required for the upkeep of SEO practices, you need to be highly creative and have ideas that can potentially revolutionize the perspective. But, we cannot make it happen every day, right?

You would be surprised how you can train yourself to power up your SEO game by using some simple essential tools that can bring about imaginative strategies. Let’s explore further.

Essentials to Power-Up your SEO game.

  • Dependability
  • Simplicity
  • Research
  • Accessibility
  • Collaboration


Google has made it pretty clear in each and every update of their ranking algorithms that they always look for pages that are dependable. The content, images and every other element used in the webpage needs to be factual, informative and thus, helpful.

Google has put out a good rule-of-thumb formula called ‘E.A.T.’ for you to determine your page’s dependability. The E stands for ‘Expertise’- Are you a factual website that relies on confirmed, valuable content?; A is for ‘Authoritativeness’- How are you a reliable authority to put out the information on the content? And T is for ‘Trustworthiness’- Can you, as a resource, be trusted for true and original information?

Google ranks those pages up-top that tick-mark the above mentioned areas. Your website needs to put out content that people can depend on for being truthful. This not only keeps your online reputation intact and glowing, but also allows users to find you because the search engine trusts you to be the expert.

Dependability stems not only from the users, but also the search engine crawlers that are interested to know how transparent and reliable you are as a website.

The best SEO essential element you can have is this dependability of the users as well as the search engines.


Imagine if you were looking for a particular brand of shoes and combed through the internet, only to find that the website you had landed upon, made you sit through a long paragraph of information about it, without a clear and visible Call To Action (CTA) button. You would end up thinking ‘yeah, I know they are amazing but where can I buy them?’

Simplicity is underrated in SEO world and most websites keep making their pages more complicated in the name of design. Simplicity does not mean muted web design, but it means a harmonious balance between each element that will help reach the user to their required destination.


The most underrated part of SEO is the research.

Now we know that acquiring your website’s traffic data and related statistics is quite easy these days, thanks to plenty of path-breaking tools and plugins you can access for a nominal fee. But the research here refers to the ‘how’ of the process, rather than the ‘what’ How are you planning to use the collected data to run in your favour? That is the job of any decent SEO.

No amount of Excel sheets can tell you how to use the data you compile. That is entirely the job of the experts who deal with the data. It is indicative of the problems that need fixing and if you can work well on the clues given by statistics, you can surely get ahead in the SEO game.


If you set up the best website in the world that lies on the most creative idea ever, it would be of no use if you can’t get people to look at it.

The basic and fundamental element that needs to be worked on rigorously is reaching out to the targeted demographics. People should know you exist and they should be willing to spend their time on your web-space.

SEO is only successful when it manages to reach the maximum number of people and as an expert, it should be an SEO firm’s first job to land topmost on the search results page.


The most overlooked element, collaboration, is actually one of the secret weapons SEO must use to gain momentum and strength. Collaboration between industry peers, related fields and individuals give the website its backbone for trustworthiness and dependability.

Collaboration is a two-way street which reaps ample rewards for both the participants and also allows the users to look for diversity in a single space. It establishes the credibility of your website and is an extraordinary tool to further your online reputation.

Kinex Media, the SEO experts, grant these five essential elements of SEO as its strongest pillars. Without a credible trust of both the audience as well as the search engine, your SEO structure remains wobbly.

A compelling SEO website is honest, transparent and unique- a winning combination that you can successfully get if you apply the essential SEO elements perfectly.

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