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Placing you home on the market? 3 strange questions known to be asked by buyers

Are you placing your house on the market soon? Be prepared to have strangers in your home who will ask some very random questions. Home shoppers come from all walks of life and here we examine how to handle some of the most off the wall questions and how to approach them.

“Is the house haunted or has anyone died in here recently?”

This might seem like a laughable question but paranormal occurrences and more common that you might initially believe. There is a large population of people who have superstitions about ghouls, spirits and ghosts and may be sincere when asking. When a buyer hears that someone has recently died in the home, it could be enough for them to move onto the next listing. It’s best not to respond to these buyers with ‘seriously?’, but to just tell them no and move on. Home buying can bring out anxieties during the home inspection in the most peculiar fashion. 

“Are there any remains in the backyard?”

There are millions of backyards that have been the final resting place for the most beloved house pets. If you have owned an animal growing up, then you have probably done this on more than one occasion. Most people believe this is a good resting place; especially, if they plan on living in the home for the rest of their lives. However, some people have experienced a situation where they have been digging in the backyard and found the remains of an animal from a previous owner. Be prepared for some buyers to raise concern for this. And keep in mind that when you move out you may be leaving a family pet behind. 

“Any major pest infestations?”

This is less of an odd question that a home buyer may but a more legitimate questions to ask a homeowner. People coming into the home will want to know if they will have to deal with the termites, ants, mice, cockroaches, or rats. If you do have an infestation like this, then know that it is something you need to disclose and an item that will be searched for in a home inspection. These issues can cause problems if left unattended and have cause some homeowners to even walk away from the property. If this is an item that is overwhelming, know that there are investors that will still buy the house and take care of the problem for you. Investors like this know that there is always work that needs to be done in the house and anticipate investing into the repair of the property. For these types of homeowners, there are always options. 

Be Careful of Who May Be Interested in Your Property (real estate scams!)

One thing to note is that there are a lot of people interested in properties and a lot of scams out there concerning real estate transactions. Some frauds include the sale of the property, the purchase of a property and even rental scams. Make sure you consult with a real estate professional and let them know your concerns.

Note that the above listed questions are just some of the random questions known to be asked by potential home buyers. If you are asked these types of questions, know that the best course of action would to be polite, courteous, and truthful. Though buyers may seem off put by you answer in the beginning, after some analysis, they may be willing to live with the answer and give you an offer. Remember, moving into a new home can be one of the most stressful things a person can do, and that stress comes out in the most peculiar ways to its best to be polite when asked these off the wall questions. Not only will it help your offer, but the gesture will be much appreciated by your potential buyer. 

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