Personal Branding Photographer Recommendations

If you’ve already established your own brand, you’ll likely have a good notion of what you’ll be promoting. Determine what form of photography you prefer and what works best for your company before working with a photographer. It’s a tremendous benefit if you can collect examples of the kind of photography you like or are hoping to achieve as a reference. You’ll want to think about what positions and perspectives you believe will look best in advance.

Find Local Photographers for Your Branding

Next, I look for local branding photographers to use as inspiration. Portrait photographers and personal branding photographers have somewhat different approaches. Close-up portraits are often used by portrait photographers to portray the essence or personality of their subjects. In contrast, a personal brand photographer would strive to get more natural pictures of you.

In contrast to traditional portrait photography, these sessions are less formal and more relaxed. You should still get your headshot taken by a personal branding photographer, however, to be used on your social media platforms.

Whenever I’m looking for a local photographer, I check the reviews first. However, I usually take these things with a grain of salt. People are more likely to write reviews after a bad encounter than after a good one.

In my hunt for photographers, the most important factor is their portfolio. Does the collection consist only of portraits? Do they have any previous experience photographing in the outdoors?

A photoshoot for personal branding isn’t possible if they don’t have a wide enough selection of images. We can help you in Chicago headshots and Chicago branding photos.

Take a closer look at their social media presence

A personal branding photographer’s social media presence says a lot about their work ethic, just as it does for any company. I’m ready to wager that if they’re prepared to put in the effort to build their social media profile, they’ll be professional and well-versed in their field. The social media accounts of my photographers are a way for me to vet them. In addition to showcasing their work, it offers me a sense of who they are as a person. Bonus points are given if they provide advice on posing or editing. I like working with photographers that are eager to share their knowledge with me. 

Your Branding Photographer should be interviewed by you

An interview is a need if you want to guarantee that my company only works with the top personal branding photographers. Once you’ve compiled a short list of prospective photographers, you reach out to them to set up an interview. You should still interview a photographer, even if you’re not employing one for a company like mine, just as you would for any other employment. You should look for a photographer that you can work with in the long term. Every quarter, you’ll probably need to get together and work on fresh material.

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