PC Power Up Best Site for Hardware Review

PC Power Up Best Site for Hardware Review

One of the biggest arguments in the gaming world is whether it’s a good idea to build or buy a ready-made PC. Nowadays it seems that most gamers choose to let you build your own. But are the advantages of custom specs to reduce unnecessary expenses worth the time and effort? If you are planning to buy a new gaming PC, you may have to decide for a long time between building your own PC and buying a ready-made one. If your choice is to build your own system, PC Power Up site will leads you to foremost PC components.

Display Screen (Display):-

Selecting a display screen or a basic monitor, see new technology of the computer screen. Then choose the right size for use. In order to use the monitor, it is necessary to choose the size of the screen that is most suitable for the job. In order to help work that is more efficient – more images such as working on that document was able to buy a screen size from 14″-17″, but if you use a larger screen than this.

Later on Unlike CRT monitors, the resolution of LCD monitors has a fixed number of pixels, which has an indeterminate number of dot pitches and the ability to adjust the resolution to a number of settings. Depending on each technology but for LCD monitors, the screen uses different technology. However, the maximum screen resolution is always the same. For example, a 15″ monitor will have the same maximum resolution of 1024×768 and a 17″ monitor will have the same 1240×1024 resolution. It can be seen that the larger the screen, the higher the resolution of the image, this is another point worth noting when buying an LCD monitor.


CPU is the main processor of a computer. What is the maximum speed of the computer? It must be measured at the specification of this CPU. The most important value of a CPU is its operating speed, which is measured in units called GHz. In a simple way to look at a CPU, see if it’s a GHz value. Which part is more than that? The more, the faster the processing – most of these speeds, buyers will receive data in xx / xx GHz, which means general working speed and maximum speed. At present, the CPU camp is divided into 2 camps, namely Intel or Blue camp and AMD or Red camp, which coincidentally has a similar CPU model name: Intel i3, 5, 7, 9 and Ryzen 3, 5, 7, 9 which is considered to have the same specification level.


When our computer is working, its background is to send instructions to wait in a queue for the CPU to process the RAM or the computer’s main memory. It will serve to receive information. Queues and forwards them to the CPU to process. More memory means you can run a lot of programs at the same time or run heavy programs. There are two main aspects to consider about RAM:

  • Size
  • Speed

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