Partner search in Turkey is crucial for foreign companies willing to extend their companies’ extensions abroad to Turkey. While establishing your business in another country such as Turkey. Business owners and board managements need partners with whom they are going to collaborate.

   However, trying to find the most suitable and trustable partner for your business has never been easy at that other foreign company. Business owners and investors may require partners with a wide range of features and business set-ups\. Such as a reliable distributor network covering all target regions of the country.

   Along with these requirements, a foreign board of management might well need other distributors. With the necessary licenses to have access to local tenders, a sales agent who has already good connections. And relationships with the essential contributing accounts. A distributor which is capable of providing service and maintenance to your customers, a JV partner. And or simply a partner to handle logistics and collection.


  In this suitable partner search process, start a business with the first partner you encounter. And tracking the remaining period to see how your company’s situation. And your relationship with your partner will develop have its risks because of the lack of knowledge between partners and lack of pre-investigation.  

   Fortunately, ERAI Turkey offers all of its facilities for your company in the process of partner search in Turkey. With detail research, attentive partner qualifications, and based-on-criteria lists. And ERAI Turkey assists your company to find the best partner in Turkey to support your business establishing process with reliable resources.

   This article includes the following subheadings with the aim of reinforcing the idea of partner search and assisting business owners more precisely:

  •       What is Partner Search?
  •       And What are the Contents of Partner Search Companies?
  •       What are the Advantages of Partner Search?
  •     Business Culture and Communication in Turkey


   Partner research in Turkey is essential for foreign business owners as it is the best way to find the most suitable partners or distributors for the establishing process. Partner research is necessary, especially for foreign corporations. To avoid high risks involving being partners without knowledge or preparation.

   The research process involves partners and their features. Which are crucial for companies that are in search of a business partner. With carefully form partner lists and cost-effective research processes, partner research is quite beneficial for the first step to establishing a business in Turkey.


   The board of management and individual business owners should consult partner search companies in Turkey with the aim of getting professional help and being able to monitor a bunch of potential partner lists in such a brief time.

   The scope of partner search companies is notably broad, which is a crucial aspect for foreign corporations that are aiming to find the best partner to collaborate with within a short period. From conducting detail partner surveys in the market to analyze them on their own databases, the contents of partner search companies are list below:


  • Firstly, partner search companies, such as ERAI Turkey. And conduct a systematic search for potential candidates base on business owners’ desire partner requirements using their own database. And desk research to provide a long list of potential collaborators.
  • ·         Then, these companies conduct interviews with prospective significant clients to obtain direct recommendations. And feedback on local stakeholders according to investors’ criteria.       Prequalification of all long-list companies in order to establish a short-list of the most qualified contenders. The next thing conduct by partner search companies to list the most suitable partner candidates,
  • ·         Then, interviews with these qualified candidates will be conducted utilizing a well-structured questionnaire. Companies’ own knowledge is being used to evaluate these applicants,
  • ·         Bringing along the whole summary of all firms, insight of the short-listed candidates. All conducted interviews and transient market info in a cautious report. The next step for partner search in Turkey is organizing your market visit for face-to-face contacts. And accompanying you to all meetings to aid and advise. If the desired and suitable partner is found. And partner search companies will give strategic advice and conduct brief brainstorming on your business distributors’ setup,
  • ·         And along with a reference check, these companies keep assisting your company for any further support after the whole process of partner search.


   Being partner with other individuals or organizations without getting to know about them includes high risks both for your corporation and for its future. Taking such a high risk may throw your business into great danger.

   However, business owners can minimize the risks of getting into trouble with unreliable partners by consulting partner search companies. With the help of these companies, foreign investors who are seeking business partners can choose the most effective partners for their business goals from detailed lists prepared with partner search companies’ own databases.


   Besides, there are many advantages of getting the help of partner search companies:

· Your companies’ further goals, current products, and financial demands become clearer, easier to be understood more swiftly, and more uncomplicate.

The Companies have the ability to peek into the Turkish market even without coming to the country.

· The software-based systematic search of all potential partners in the Turkish market, it is rapid and easy for companies to find the most suitable partners for their business.

·Along with the systematic search and software-based programs. And cultural guidance is one of the key elements to choosing partner search companies in Turkey. Turkish business has its atmosphere and style of communication, so it is necessary to have the guidance of a local company.


   Culture and communication are some of the most significant elements of doing business. Knowing how local people communicate and use language. And gestures are crucial for laying the foundations of potential long-term relationships.

   Just as in every field of life, culture and communication cover up massive space in the partner search process in Turkey. Foreign corporations have to know how to communicate with local people and make business deals.

So, here are some tips for the foreign board of management. And investors about how Turkish culture is and how Turkish people communicate with others in the field of business.

·         One of the most essential things is to avoid direct rejection by saying “no”. While you are on the verge of rejecting customers or partner candidates. It is very impolite in Turkish culture, and the person you talk to might take offense personally.


Space between persons is less than in Europe. So it will be beneficial for you to have lunch or dinner with customers or talk with them on a daily routine.

·         The business attitude in Turkey is more spontaneous. And emotional compare to European countries. Emotions are on the front row while deciding about companies’ future. However, this doesn’t mean that Turkish businesspersons make no plans.

·         Turkish companies and partners can be very flexible in terms of the company’s needs. So rapid changes in plans can expect.

·         Also, it will be useful and beneficial for your company to introduce by a third-party local company. Such as it will be easier to communicate in a common language.

Constant meetings are essential and cover up a vast space in the decision-making process.

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