Pallet Carriers Explained

What is a pallet carrier?

Pallet carriers are haulage companies that will handle the collection and delivery of your pallets for you. Most operate via a website, where you will be required to enter the collection and delivery address, along with the quantity of pallets needed. You will then be given a custom pallet delivery quote.

What is a pallet network?

You may have heard the term “pallet network” when looking for a pallet delivery service. Simply, a pallet network is a group of hauliers that form part of a larger entity, either by acting as a shareholder or member. PalletOnline operates through the Palletline network, the UK’s first and premier distribution network, consisting of 96 shareholder members, which form the depots within the network.

As a pallet network is formed of many members, or depots as they’re usually called in the industry, located across the country, your shipment will move many times during the delivery process. In fact, your pallets can move up to 8 times!

What can and can’t I ship on a pallet?

There may be some items that are unsuitable or forbidden from sending through a pallet delivery service.

The list may vary, but typically, these items are not recommended or are banned altogether:

  • Glass
  • Antiques
  • Cash
  • TV’s
  • Perishable goods
  • Firearms
  • Offensive or derogatory goods

PalletOnline has a published list of goods not suitable for delivery for our network.

How do you prepare a pallet for delivery?

When the collection driver picks up your pallet, it is expected to be in good condition ready for loading. If your pallet is in bad shape, it could break, crack or collapse in the harsh environment of a trailer.

You also need to ensure the goods on the pallet are safely secured so they don’t come loose or even fall off in transport, so it’s recommended to invest in some good quality straps to hold your freight in place.

If you aren’t able to provide a pallet, most pallet carriers provide a pallet and wrap service, where they will arrive with a suitable pallet and shrink-wrap. Just make sure you adhere to their requirements, as there are sometimes weight limitations.

Will the collection and delivery driver provide lifting assistance?

If your pallet is particularly heavy, or you don’t have any way of transporting your pallet onto the trailer, you can request assistance. This can either be by means of a lift assist or tail lift.

A tail lift is an electrically powered platform attached to the back of a trailer which is useful for more heavy loads. A lift assist is a device with two forks attached to the front, similar to a forklift, that can help with moving the pallet off of the ground.

It is important to confirm with the collection and delivery point whether they have the equipment to move your palletised goods.

When booking with us, we give you the option to add either a lift assist or tail lift to assist the collection and/or delivery point. These options are free of charge.

Is PalletOnline a pallet carrier?

Yes! We are one of the UK’s leading pallet delivery companies, providing an industry-leading service. Our bespoke quoting system will give you a custom quote for a pallet delivery service to anywhere within the UK and in many international countries.

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