Noise problems caused by improper SKF bearing installations

The assembly site must be kept clean. The operation and service life of SKF bearings is critical, and it is necessary to protect the bearings from dust, contaminants and moisture – contaminant pairs.

2. Check the bearing seat hole and the mating surface on the shaft, such as geometric and dimensional accuracy and cleanliness.

3. Apply a little oil or grease on the mating surface of the SKF bearing ring.

4. The shaft and bearing seat holes have a guide chamfer of 10 degrees to 15 degrees.

5. The moisture generated by condensation will cause the bearing and the bearing mating surface to corrode, so do not over-cool the SKF bearing.

6. Fill the dental drill bearing with lubricant after installation to check whether the bearing configuration is working properly.

The heating temperature of the SKF bearing is based on the bearing size and the required interference. The following points need to be noted about the hot-loading operation:

 1. Do not heat the bearing above 120 degrees Celsius;

 2. In order to prevent the bearing from directly touching the bottom of the oil tank, it is best to consider placing the dental drill bearing on two metal tables, or hoisting the SKF bearing;

 3. Heat the dental drill bearing to 20-30 degrees Celsius higher than the required temperature, so that the inner ring will not be cooled during operation, which is difficult to install;

 4. After the installation, the bearing cools down and shrinks in the width direction, so use a shaft nut or other suitable method to tighten it to prevent a gap between the inner ring and the bearing shoulder.

SKF bearing cage data required performance:

Good dimensional stability and high mechanical strength

In addition, good workability is also required. According to different uses, it is also required to have good impact resistance, heat resistance and corrosion resistance.

Information on SKF bearing rings and rolling elements:

Rings and rolling elements usually use high carbon chromium bearing steel. Most SKF bearings use SUJ2 in the JIS steel grade. Large bearings use SUJ3.

When further impact resistance is required, chromium steel, chromium-molybdenum steel, nickel-chromium-molybdenum steel, and carburizing quenching are used as bearing materials so that the steel has a hardened layer from the surface to an appropriate depth. Carburized bearings with appropriate hardening depth, fine structure, surface and core hardness with appropriate hardness have better impact resistance than bearings using bearing steel, and the chemical composition of general carburized bearing steels.

SKF bearing cage information:

The material of the stamping cage is made of low carbon steel. According to different uses, brass plates and stainless steel plates are also used. The material for cutting the cage is made of high-strength brass, carbon steel, and synthetic resin.

Do you know how to install SKF chain bearings correctly?

Correct installation is critical to extending bearing life. SKF Bearing Fitting Kits are designed to install bearings, bushings, seal rings, cams and pulleys safely, accurately and quickly. It is equipped with an industrial nylon impact ring that prevents direct metal-to-metal contact and prevents shaft damage.

When installing bearings, such as when installing ball bearings and spherical roller bearings, the end faces of the outer ring and inner ring of the bearing are located on the same plane. The tumbling element transmits and then creates raceway damage.

Bearing device operation tips:

Wear safety shoes, safety glasses, gloves and a hard hat when operating the bearing device kit.

When the temperature of the part is higher than 80 ℃ (176 below), the installation tool cannot be used for installation

It is not possible to install the inner and outer rings of the tapered roller bearing at the same time, nor to install the inner ring from the small end face.

The correct arrangement will transfer the load to the interfering components, rather than the non-tumbling elements, and then prevent the formation of raceway damage.

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