No Internet After Rockspace WiFi Extender Setup?

Getting no internet after Rockspace WiFi extender setup? No worries! As you are on this post, this annoying issue will be gone away in minutes. Just follow fixes highlighted below and make the most out of Rockspace WiFi extender like never before. Keep reading!


Fix 1: Check the Extender Placement

The very first fix that you have to try in order to troubleshoot “no internet after Rockspace WiFi extender setup” is to check its placement. Yes, you read it right! Placement matters a lot in the well-working of the device. Just make sure that you haven’t placed the extender on a congested area like cabinet and away from the reach of your router.

Fix 2: Check the Power

The second fix that you have to try in order to fix the issue is to check the power being supplied to the extender. If the power supply to the extender is not continuous and steady, it will surely not well for you. Check the wall plug as well. Damaged or away from your router wall plug will not help you out in any manner.

Fix 3: Check the Extender Configuration

Guys! This is one of the most important steps. Yes, if your extender is not configured properly or left the configuration process in between, then you are never going to make the most out of it and your internet connection. So, to keep all such issues at bay, reset your device and perform the Rockspace WiFi extender setup process again.

Fix 4: Check the Connection

During configuration process – chances are that you haven’t connected your router and the extender using and Ethernet cable and that is giving you no internet issue. So, to get the issue fixed, ensure that you have properly connected your devices during Rockspace WiFi extender setup process.

Also bear in mind – after setting up your WiFi range extender, you can keep your devices at the location of your choice. But, for extended internet range, connecting them wirelessly is more than important.

So, you might have got the fix to the issue, right? If no, then there are couple of fixes more waiting for you. Scroll down a little!

Fix 5: Check the Extender Firmware

Yes, that’s correct! If you want your extender to perform well and give you extended and uninterrupted internet range throughout your house, then check for the firmware updates available for it. Simply navigate to the extender’s firmware update page. Check for the availability for your extender’s model. And, if there is an update pending, click on “Update” or “Download” right away. After updating the extender’s firmware, it will start working smoothly and letting you access WiFi on your connected devices without giving you “no internet” issues ever.

Still getting no internet? No way! What else you can try? OK! What you can do – contact your service provider. Possibilities are that the no internet connection issue can be from your ISP end. Ask him all the queries you have in your mind about no internet connection. Force him to fix the issue as soon as possible because you have send a lot of your precious time in troubleshooting, isn’t? If your service provider keep on giving you excuses or denies to accept the issues, then in that case, I will suggest you what I did. Will that work?

Note: I am just sharing what I did at last to fix the issue. Not forcing you to do or buy anything.

When I bought a Rockspace WiFi range extender, I configured it and updated its firmware. It was giving me outstanding internet range. But, after some time – I started experiencing the same “no internet” issue. So, I tried all the fixes provided in this article. Honestly, all of them work. I keep on trying the above-mentioned fixes whenever I face issues with my Rockspace WiFi extender.

One day I got tired! So, I planned to replace my existing router because my service provider started arguing, ignoring, and became arrogant. I can’t tolerate such kind of behaviour. So, I said good-bye to him and his device.

After exploring many WiFi devices on Google, I found Asus router. This router is much cheaper and good than the router provided by my ISP. I bought it and configured it using Asus default router login credentials. Once I configured the Asus router, I connected with my Rockspace WiFi range extender. As a result, I am getting 90% of the improved internet range in my basement.

Consider my suggestion as the last fix and don’t forget to write your reviews about Asus router and Rockspace WiFi range extender.

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