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Netgear wifi extender not connecting to the internet

If your NetgearWiFi extender is not connecting to internet, then relax. You are not really alone in this situation.  The problem is somewhat common for Netgear users across the world.  Once you know what the reason could be, you can resolve the issue yourself.

If you have done new extender setup properly, this issue should not come. But even then, if it is coming, this post would get you some ways to solve your problem.

The emergence of this issue is preceded upon the problem with the extender, router or that of your Wi-Fi device such as your computer, laptop or even smartphone. You require to diagnose all the devices and discover the troublemaker. Following is how you can fix this torturous problem.

  • You must develop it a habit to keep your extender and router quite far away from each other and that of other types of electronic gadgets.
  • It would be wise if you check the lights on Netgear Wi-Fi Extender as well as that of the router. If you are witnessing a red flashing power LED, then it means your device is not working to the router. In case the light blinks in the orange colour, then it means your extender is connected to the router but the WAN or internet connection is not properly established.
  • To fix both these types of problems, you just need to reboot all the network devices like that of your router, extender, and even devices on which you may be using the internet.
  • You should also find out if there are any loose connections or not.
  • Next, you can go to local website address so as to verify if the firmware of the Wi-Fi extender is proper and up-to-date or not. In case it is not updated, make sure that you update it. remember, not just this wifi system but otherwise too, you must always keep all your systems updated for the best performance.

NetgearWiFi Extender is not at all working

  • In case you find that your Netgear Wi-Fi extender has simply stopped to work, then you must check whether the router is working properly or not because at times, what happens is that once the router is not really working, then the extender shows some sort of symptoms of being in a non-functional type of situation or state rather than that of displaying any sort of problems of establishing a good connection with the router. Similarly, you should ensure to perform the netgear extender setup process complete because incomplete or that of inaccurate setup is going to create problems.
  • Then you might be interested to know that low-speed internet or that of insecure network even impacts the extender’s performance, so you might get mywifiext not working or that of even wifi extender not working error. To troubleshoot such an issue, you will have to restart the extender for which, you require to turn off the extender for a couple of minutes and then, that of turning it back on.
  • In case the aforementioned stepdoes not really work for you, then it would be better that you reset your Netgear Extender. It is for the reason that by doing so, you would ensure that it takes the extender back to the factory mode default settings.

Are you seeing Red light flashing on your Netgear Extender?

Well, in case you are finding a red light on your Extender, then make sure that you use the following ways to fix the problem:

  • It would be good if you change the location of your extender as well as the router to some other place where the line of sight between the two units is absolutely clear and no other obstruction is there.
  • When login, you need to make sure to set the same channels on your extender as you have set on your router. There has to be no error there or things may not work the way you wished them to be.
  • Like said before too, it is essential to keep all the devices, systems and platforms you use updated. You must Upgrade the overall firmware of the extender to the most recent or latest version.
  • Try changing the network setting to that of WPA2 in case it is set to WPA1.
  • Make sure that your extender is within the range of the current network. You have to make this thing happen.

If after doing all the above things too, your Netgear Wi-Fi Extender goes on to surround with problems, then you should definitely get in touch with Netgear Extender tech support services for a swift and dependable solution.


Remember, whether the setup, Mywifiext issues or anything else, you should try out these ways and who knows your problem resolves right away!

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