NBA 2K is back with a new episode that brings a good dose of news: That’s what has changed in 2K Games basketball.

The appointment is renewed with the 2K virtual wedge ball and visual concepts. However, there are some new features: a new city, the introduction of open-world RPG mechanics, a (finally) secondary mode redesign, and many improvements from a technical and stylistic point of view.

After removing the usual current presence of VC points and the micro-transaction system, there are several glitches that we can take as a starting point to work on preparing the fun experience for the next episode.

The visual concepts undoubtedly improved the format that first appeared during the first years of the new generation of consoles. Somehow, they succeeded. But for many others, they have taken a step longer than their legs. The city is nothing more than a gigantic cauldron of activity, in which each player can shape the destiny of their digital basketball player, created from the usual unlimited liberator, to which we have been used for years.

Anything within the common space can give you rewards, anesthetic, or an experience to enrich your collection. Also, everything you do earns MVP points, which serves as an indicator of popularity within the metropolitan circle. NBA2K MT currency can be used to Buy 2K22 MT your favorite player in my team, easily boost and build your team with enough MT coins. 

In short, the focus is no longer on the “simple” basketball game, at least in My Career mode. The ball in wedges and the opportunities to follow different paths like the G League, college, or the NBA draft seemed relegated directly to a job of simple tinsel, compared to Priority becoming the most popular player of all time. It is no coincidence that our basketball player started as a YouTube street with a passion for fame … In short, we are not talking about a great story about the redemption of the sport.

We understand the need for visual and 2K concepts to feed gamers who are always thirsty for new content each year with ways to pass the time. Many, embracing this shift towards an open-world RPG experience, may have found their way—the perfect size. The truth is that such an approach would slightly distort the essence and meaning of the profession. It becomes easy to get lost and not follow the chain of events, preferring to cultivate permanent venture capital points.

The revamped WNBA basketball is finally overhauled

In addition to the career mode, there is a revolving section dedicated to women’s basketball, the WNBA. Unlike years past, remember that the Women’s League debuted in NBA 2K recently; this year, the mode has its dignity, similar to Career mode but stripped of all the extras seen in town.

In that sense, after we were dazzled by the neon lights and thousands of activities in the city, the WNBA allowed us to get a taste of real basketball. The character editor allows us to create our basketball player, whose athletic path will be taken on and off the court, with a detailed and precise menu to set up training sessions, manage relationships with teammates, and move up. Level up and earn new sponsors and followers based on performance, etc. The mode is suitable for anyone who is not very fond of city sparkling pop sequins and wants to play basketball. The WNBA is, in essence, one of the most exciting ways to explore this year.

MyTeam and other game modes

Another succulent dish on the 2K and Visual Concepts table is, of course, the MyTeam mode. After a small revolution last year, the latter returned unchanged when the “Fantasy Basketball” mode welcomed the classes, increasing the amount of content available to players.

During each season, as you know, it is possible to participate in challenges to earn experience points, level up, and unlock new content, temporary modes, activities, and other rewards that will allow you to customize your experience further.

There is something for everyone: within MyTeam, you can immerse yourself in creating your dream quintet, spend hours on the playing field trying to complete missions and earn tokens or VC points (again) to be able to buy envelopes or evolve cards you already have, etc. Everything works beautifully, as usual, if the microtransaction system and VC point management are not introduced every year with all its spread, forcing the player to choose what to turn his attention to carefully.

The amount of optional purchases that can be made requires a lot of effort to be effectively effective for those who don’t have a lot of time. The temptation to reach into their wallets to speed up the growth process is always around the corner.

From my general manager to my NBA (my WNBA)

All other game modes that we’ve come to appreciate over time have also been revamped. Perhaps not for everyone, but there are still welcome diversions from the rest. The NBA (and My WNBA) allows us to control the NBA franchise from a management perspective in one or more years. This year, the model appears to have been revamped once again to offer players more depth and substance.

A joy to see and play

Despite some old issues and new pitfalls, NBA 2K22 remains a posh title for the digital court. There’s nothing to be said for the soundtrack, as it always has, with boundless quality peaks. From a technical point of view, the main uncertainties discovered in the recent past have been recorded and recreated. Now the game – at least in terms of the purely mathematical phase – appears solid and smooth.

All of this translates to a much smoother pace of gameplay than in the recent past. Chances of inconsistency and stealing increased the chances of passes and fouls on the block. The same animations for basketball players, in such cases, have been modified to give the movement a natural flow.

Minor but decisive improvements in the movements of the NBA champions, more fluid, genuine, and natural, were also seen in most game situations. Visual Concepts then improved the game and, above all, went to improve and expand the fleet of moves that are right on the Pro Stick. More than 28 different dribbling styles and about thirty moves can be combined to find your own pace of play.

Depending on the tilt of the right stick, a basketball player will increase dribbling to enter the breakout or stop with a slower, more logical dribble waiting for his teammates to enter. In NBA 2K22, the crescent pointer was revised, which presents a very accurate window for termination, which changes size dynamically.

The perfect finishing moment expands when you have great bowlers on your hands while shortening dramatically when shots are taken under pressure or control or carried by poor, tired, or never-in-game basketball players.

In short, NBA 2K22 has improved further – not a revolution, attention – a technical component that has remained prominent at very high levels for some time. Good news for the future.

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