Mood 3D Visualization - How to Create the Right Atmosphere

Mood 3D Visualization – How to Create the Right Atmosphere

3D interior rendering is the easy way to promote your project or business. There are different key factors used to enhance the quality of CGI that mainly includes the photorealistic interior rendering in which the contextual and lightening details are mainly considered. The time of day and atmosphere alters the atmosphere in a single room that will help you to generate different pictures in a single place.

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Time of the Day

The feel of the room is reflected by the time of day. This factor is considered first while ordering the rendering. Look for the different options to feel the interior atmosphere of the room:

#1. Sunset

The sunset in the room generates dreamy scenes. The bright and shiny highlights are developed due to the sunshine at a particular place. The glassy and metallic surfaces are brightened due to the coming light of the sun to add charm to the room’s view.

#2. Midday

The most preferred time considered for photorealistic rendering is midday. All the fixtures remain off due to the availability of enough natural light. This is the best way for the designer to develop the photo’s colour combinations with maximum clearance.

#3. Night

The designer arranges artificial lighting and illuminations. Different torchieres and ceiling lights illuminate the room with enough light. Artificial lamps, candle lights, and niche lights are set to maintain the lighting in the room. 

The room is divided into different functional parts according to the light.

Lightening Options at Daytime

Daylight is the main factor that influences the result of interior rendering. The atmosphere of the place is changed with the weather and time of the day. The different design projects have various advantages included in their pros and cons.

#1. Natural and Artificial Ambient Lightening

The combination of natural and artificial lighting adds much beauty to the room. The illuminations are set in numbers that the viewers can’t judge the intensity of light coming from which source. The artificial lighting may give an unnatural look to the image.

#2. Natural Lightening and Sunny Day

The natural light comes from the sun in the daytime that brightens the room with the natural sunshine. The warmer and brighter look adds much beauty to the photo of the particular room. The windows and balconies are the major source of sun rays to enhance the charm and impressive look.

#3. Natural Ambient Lightning and Cloudy Day

The cloudy weather is also good for photorealistic rendering that designs the perfect view. The clear views and colours may not get on a cloudy day, but enough natural light to clear the things is enough. This cloudy view adds comfort with a sofa, book, and a cup of tea as a relaxing view.


The atmosphere of the place is generated by the light impacts at a certain area. The photorealistic images are generated to give the natural effects on the place. The CGI is used to promote the business by saving time and effort. The interior rendering gives every aspect of the place; even the atmosphere of the particular place can be noticed by viewing the generated images. If you are looking for the best photorealistic interior rendering, contact Archicgi!

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