Car mods or modifications are a trend that began almost since cars became available to the public. Mods are any modification, physical or functional, made to an automobile after its manufacture. This modification usually occurs aftermarket, and most owners prefer physical or appearance modifications to functional ones. Car owners that are serious about their mods may know of brands like Prosport that offer a variety of aftermarket mods for their cars. These brands provide legitimate parts and fittings to suit all makes and models. Mods are a possibility for all car models, and people also make mods on their older cars or vintage cars, which is a trend today.


Novice car owners might not be familiar with the term “rod”. This term refers to any car with aftermarket modifications to its exteriors or interiors. The most well-known rods are the hot rods and street rods. The former refers to cars with mods that increase their acceleration, like turbocharging. The latter refers to modifications that aid in street racing, like suspension and chassis height. Other popular rods include the rat rod, which provides a grunge or rusty look to cars, and is a trend today. 


One primary concern novice mods might have is the legality of mods in Australia. One excellent rule of thumb is that if the mod makes driving dangerous, it is probably illegal. But the Australian government does allow mods, as long as the owner possesses a mod plate. It is a government issue, and the relevant authorities have a list of stringent processes to check the car’s performance. But those planning to drive solely on tracks have a better choice range, as the regulations are laxer.


Most physical or appearance mods are to make the car look “cooler”. Most modifiers don’t consider them “serious”, as they focus on performance mods that make a car easier to drive or accelerate. Most owners make modifications to personalise their driving experience and to set their automobiles apart from the others.

Upgrading The Suspension

Suspensions help the car to bear passengers or load weight while driving smoothly. These changes come with government regulations, and car owners should pay attention to the government-approved levels before modifying their car’s suspension. Automobiles with better suspension allow for a smoother journey on most terrain, reducing the travel strain on passengers and the driver. They also play a role in acceleration, and boosting them to reduce acceleration time is usually illegal.

The Chrome Or Matte Finish

A popular paint job is a monochromatic finish, usually black, that gives the car an aesthetic look. The paint job extends to every part of the automobile, except the windows, as tinting is illegal, and people can choose for a matte or chrome finish. The colours people choose are usually not available from the brand itself, making them custom colours. Additionally, car manufacturers rarely offer matte finishes for their automobiles.

The Neon Wave

Lighting is also a recent mod that several people are adding to their rods. Neon LED strips are popular, and sticking them to the underbody creates unique effects on the road as they drive by the street. These lights shouldn’t be bright, or they could prove dangerous to other drivers, distracting them from the road. People can pair these lights with a matte finish paint job to add flair to their automobiles.

Most owners want to make some modifications to their automobiles and personalise them. Various brands like Prosport cater to these whims by providing an array of legal mods and parts for all makes and models. People can opt from this range to ensure they only make legal mods for their cars.

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