Methods of Installing NPS, Node JS and React on Mac

The front-end and open-source library for developing web applications are called React. It is led by a community of corporations and individuals and the Facebook Team, and it is based on JavaScript. In this article, we will cover the methods to install React on Mac operating system. 

What Are The System Requirements?

The system requirements are as stated below:

  1. Ten GB free space
  2. Four GB RAM
  3. macOS >= 10.10

The Procedure of Installation

In order to install React on mac, one would require npm and node js. Now, before we move on to the installation method, let us first understand why we need them and what they are. 

What Is NPM And Why It Is Needed For React Development?

Node Package Manager is the full form of NPS. IT is a tool of dependency management for the applications of JavaScript. This tool assists in the installation and other tools and libraries to support the development of React. 

What is Node JS and why it is needed for React development

The cross-platform and open-source run-time environment of Java Script that carries out the code of Javascript outside of a browser is called Node JS. Developers benefit from Node JS when it comes to using Javascript in order to develop a wide range of applications, such as web applications, command line tools, network applications and so on. Node JS is needed by one for dev tooling, for instance, features of live reloading for local web servers, and dev experience. Node JS is not required for executing React in production. 

Now, let us begin with the installation procedure. 

  • Downloading Node JS

  • Firstly, we will have to visit the download page of Node JS.
  • After that, in order to download that newest version of the installation package of node, we have to click on the macOS installer. 
  • Installing Node JS

  • In the previous step we have to click on download node-vxx.xx.xx.pkg to make sure that the installation is starting, for it will bring up a screen where we have to select the continue option.
  • Then we will click continue for the next step which will ask us to accept the license.
  • Now, we will click Agree to accept the agreement. 
  • Click continue and then Install, which will prompt us for the credentials. 
  • Now, we have to click Install Software after providing the username and password.

Installing Create React Application

We need to customize tools, such as, webpack and babel to set up the environment for productive development of React. For a beginner in the React world, these tools would be complex to configure. Among other tools that aid in alleviating this issue are the finest and easiest tools of the create React application, for it has pre-built configurations of product grade. It allows one to modify the configuration by emitting the application to create React. 

One can use Node Package Manager or NPM to install the application or create React. You would have to run the install command of “npm install -g create-React-app” on the terminal. 

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