Lost Ark Sidequests you Shouldn’t Skip

Many players skip sidequests in the name of faster progress. However, some sidequests have excellent rewards other than Lost Ark gold which you can miss out on. How do you know which is which? We’ll tell you all about those you absolutely have to do!

Skills are the bread and butter of players, they’re the primary method of damaging and killing enemies. So they need to improve and level.

Those that Award Skill Points

Skills are the bread and butter of players. They’re the primary method of damaging and killing enemies, so they need to improve and level up these abilities. You’ll need to gather skill points to upgrade them. At first, you get them every level up. At level 50, you stop getting the resource when you level up, requiring you to find another source for them. While there are many potential sources of these points, quests are easily missed. Some of these quests are available when you hit level 50. Perfect for a few extra boosts once that spring dries up. While there are many potential sources of these points, quests, are easily missed. Some of these quests are available when you hit level 50

While there are many potential sources of these points, quests are easily missed. Some of these quests are available when you hit level 50, perfect for a few extra boosts once that spring dries up. Here are the known missions that offer Skill Point Potions as a reward.

  • A Light Castle Over Dark Fields (East Luterra)
  • Eggs in the Sky (Anikka)
  • The Hidden Robber (Shushire)
  • The Stone of Power (Serenity Isle)
  • The Sunset (Rohendel, warning: long quest)
  • Return Trip (Rohendel)
  • Those Buried in the Dark Ground (Feiton)
  • The Last Melody of a Requiem (Feiton)
  • Eternal Love (Punika)

Some of the above are gated by tasks or the completion of other ones. Those Buried in the Dark Ground will only open once you’ve completed the quest “Will,” and The Last Melody requires at least four days of questing. One of its prerequisite quests is part of a line that allows one daily completion. That means you’ll have to wait for the daily reset to complete the next step over four days.

Those that Offer Engraving Recipe Books

At a specific point in their journey, Lost Ark players discover Engravings. These are found on accessories and Ability Stones. They modify the abilities or stats of the character that equips them and may have a beneficial or detrimental effect. Sometimes, it’s both.

Maximizing these Engravings means collecting Engraving Recipe Books, which allow you to boost their effects or activate them. Otherwise, you can sell them for some Lost Ark currency. Either way that makes these quests worth doing.

Here are the quests we know that reward these books:

  • Knights to be Remembered (Luterra Castle)
  • The Song of the People (Luterra Castle)
  • Where Help is Needed (Leyar Terrace)
  • Memories of Luterra (Luterra Castle)
  • Leave the Stone Alone (Seaswept Woods)
  • Make Do With Cacti (Riza Falls)
  • Rough Ruffians (Delphi Township)
  • The Tyranny has Ended (Dyorika Plain)
  • For the Masterpiece (Dyorika Plain)
  • No Smoke Without Fire (Dyroika Plain)
  • A Song to Remember (Sunbright Hill)
  • Repulsive Redfins (Croconys Seashore)
  • Passing Notes (Croconys Seashore)
  • Fox’s Revenge (Croconys Seashore)
  • Wisdom of the Ages (Mokoko Village)

Those that Supply You with Honing Materials

Leveling up your Lost Ark gear means enhancing them to +15 to reach iLvl 600. Since, at a certain point, honing starts to have a success rate, it’s easy to spend your materials on failed attempts. Consequently, these attempts eat up your materials, and your equipment doesn’t get stronger.

That means your current sources for honing materials aren’t enough. You’ll need to do quests, which can provide you with the much-needed resources for more attempts at enhancing your Lost Ark gear. These quests are innumerable, so you’re better off checking out the yellow exclamation points to find them.

Those that Pay You for Your Troubles

Once you reach level 50, Lost Ark gold suddenly becomes an essential resource. It’s for the Market and Honing once the latter stops using Silver or Harmony Shards. There are several ways to farm for this currency, and quests are just a part. Still, those tasks that let you earn more of it are significant in the long run.

Like the above category, many quests do so. Listing them would be too long, so just check the rewards list.

Those that Give You Songs to Play

Like in Legend of Zelda Ocarina of Time or Majora’s Mask, Lost Ark players can play songs for various effects. It’s like an extra skill but through a musical instrument instead of a weapon. Of course, they must know the piece to perform it.

Most song sheets are rewards from the main story, but there are more of them among island quests or sidequests. Some of the above missions continue on into a questline that has songs as rewards near the end. Here are some specific pieces and where to find them.

  • Serenade of Love from ‘Relationship Guru’ (talk to Zenri in Leibeheim)
  • Requiem of Twilight from ‘Island of Eternal Rest’ (Father Diruth found on Tranquil Isle)
  • Elegy of Serenity from the same title quest (find Mathias in Arthetine)
  • Forest’s Minuet from ‘It’s Okay, Miss Fair’ (look for the Hiding Fairy on Lullaby Island)
  • Song of Spring from ‘Shangra’s Pure Energy’ (speak to Eunsun on Shangra Island)
  • Song of Reminiscence from ‘Lost Footsteps (Awakening Journey)’ (given by Mail Carrier Clemenece in Rohendel)

Note that these are questlines, meaning there would be more than one quest to do for the song. That can take time to finish, so take necessary breaks and ensure you have enough time.

Questing Helps Your Progress

Keep these quests in mind, and you won’t have to worry about the future so much. You’ll be swimming in songs, gold, honing materials, engraving books, and skill points in no time. You’re free to skip any quests that don’t belong in the above categories, but those will be few and far between.

Enjoy Lost Ark!

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