Living In Alentejo – An Expat’s Guide Through Rural Portugal

This is the place to be if you are thinking of moving to Portugal. Alentejo, Portugal’s most overlooked region, is the perfect place to experience Portugal’s true essence. It boasts long plains and medieval castles.

Learn about the top attractions of each region, their cost of living, what to do, and how it feels to live in peace. It’s great reading!

Learn more about the Alentejo region

Alentejo in the central region of Portugal has been known for its peaceful nature and tradition. As Portugal becomes more popular, people begin to realize its potential.

The Alentejo region is a large area of Portugal and is often called the heart of Portugal. Alentejo is located between Lisbon and the border with the Algarve.

Living in Alentejo day by day

Alentejo Portugal, is a region that combines agriculture and plains with small villages. Alentejanos is a rich group, that is warm and friendly, and whom have a unique culture.

Alentejo offers some of the best foods in Portugal which may be paired with a beautiful wine from the same region.

Why do ex-pats move to Portugal?

Portugal has been extremely popular in the past decade. Portugal is a popular destination for tourists from all over the globe. Some even decide to stay there permanently.

The main reasons Portugal is so popular include:

  • Spectacular landscapes;
  • It is a beautiful climate.
  • Traditional Cuisine
  • Quality of life
  • Cost of living
  • Security

Many foreigners have the opportunity to receive tax benefits through the Non-Habitual Resident tax scheme.

Living costs in the Alentejo area

Alentejo is one of the most affordable areas in the country. Many of the major cities of Alentejo are among the most affordable places to live in Portugal. Even so, the cost to live in Portugal is still low compared with other European countries.

These values are based on our research and personal experience. The value of your home and your spending habits will affect how much it costs.

Living along the Alentejo coast

Alentejo is mostly known as an agricultural area but it also has some of the most beautiful coastal areas in Portugal.

The Southwest Alentejo Natural Park has a lot to offer: wild nature, beautiful beaches, and powerful waves. The Alentejo coast is most popular with backpackers, campers, and trailer travellers.

Here are the top places to live along the Alentejo coast.

Zambujeira do Mar is one of the most charming small villages on the Alentejo Coast.

Sines is home to one of the most important ports of Portugal, along with Lisbon and Porto.

Vila Nova de Milfontes is a popular vacation spot for Portuguese families living in Lisbon.

Comporta, one of the hottest real estate areas in Europe.

When are you looking to relocate to Portugal?

It’s quite an adventure to move to a new country. You’ll experience things that are hard to explain, but which will make you feel alive. Portugal will make you feel right at home.

More ex-pats choose to live in Alentejo every year. Although the ex-pat community in Alentejo may not be as vibrant as that of Lisbon or Algarve, this may make it more attractive to some. Alentejo is still very private and off the beaten track.

This is a region that is often overlooked in Portugal but has great potential to offer a high-quality lifestyle.

You might consider a scouting tour to Portugal to see how it would feel to live here. This is a great way to make sure you are confident in your choices.

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