List of Wax Vaporizer Accessories

Wax vaporizer accessories work like the parts of a human body. When one of these accessories is faulty or dysfunctional, it affects the whole wax vaporizer’s functionality. Thus, a high-quality wax vaporizer should have the best accessories. 

A wax vaporizer features three main accessories: 

  1. Battery. 
  1. Atomizer/ chamber. 
  1. Mouthpiece. 

Have a look at the function and varieties of each vaporizer accessories. 

Wax vaporizer battery. 

Wax vaporizers are electronic devices; hence, they require a battery to provide power. Most wax vaporizer users usually consider two qualities of the device’s battery before making a purchase. These qualities are: 

  • Battery life/ capacity (wax vaporizers with low battery life can stop functioning amidst your vaping/ dabbing experience. While traveling, the battery can die at any moment of the trip. Thus, a high-quality wax vaporizer should have a battery life that is sufficient for its users.  
  • Charge-up time (you will not like a portable wax vaporizer battery that takes too long to charge. However, some wax vaporizer batteries feature pass-through charging, which allows you to use the device while charging it). 

Wax vaporizer batteries come in two varieties: 

  • Power button activated (for this variety, the wax vaporizer comes with a power button, which you press to turn on the battery. As a safety feature, most wax vaporizers’ activation procedure involves consecutively clicking the power button up to five times. The feature minimizes the chances that the wax vaporizer will accidentally turn on while carrying it in your pocket or your hand. 
  • Draw-activated (instead of having power buttons, draw-activated wax vaporizer batteries automatically turn on when you make a draw or a hit through them. They feature some sensors and actuators that ensure their activation and deactivation is automatic.  

The chance that this type of battery will accidentally turn on and cause you some burns while carrying it in the pocket or hand is almost zero. 

Some wax vaporizer batteries have variable voltage settings that allow you to control the device’s operating temperature, while others have a single voltage setting. 

Wax vaporizer atomizers/ chambers. 

The Wax vaporizer chambers hold the wax concentrate. They also have an atomizer/ coil that heats up when powered to vaporize the concentrate. These atomizers come in three distinct types: 

  1. Wicked atomizers (this type of atomizer features an absorbent fiber wick material enfolded around the heating coil. The purpose of this material is to absorb the waxy oil concentrate.  

       Wicked atomizers are perfect for vaporizing low viscous waxy oils. 

  1. Wickless atomizers (they can heat to high temperatures and are mainly used to vaporize highly viscous wax concentrates. 
  1. Flat atomizers (they have a flat ceramic dish instead of the exposed coils and wicks. Since the wax concentrate does not interact with any coil or wick, flat atomizers create tastier vapor. However, they are only perfect for dabbing at low temperatures).

Wicked atomizers come with either a single or a double coil, while wickless atomizers feature three coils. The more the number of coils in an atomizer, the faster it will vaporize your concentrate. Nevertheless, a single coiled atomizer is least likely to create the “burnt” taste. 

Another classification of wax vaporizers’ atomizers is their materials. This classification involves quartz, ceramic, and titanium coils. 

While ceramic coils are renowned for their strong heat retention and temperature control, their heat up time is not as quick as quartz coils. Titanium coils offer an average of the properties of quartz and ceramic coils. They, too, have their pros and cons. 


The mouthpiece creates an efficient channel for the vapor produced in the atomizer to reach your mouth for ingestion.  

Other wax vaporizer accessories. 

Wax vaporizers’ package includes other accessories that are not used while vaping or dabbing but are essential. These accessories help ensure that the wax vaporizer is ready for use. They include: 

  1. Charger (most wax vaporizers have a USB charging port while allows you to charge them on the go. Some brands include a USB charger in their package while others do not). 
  1. Loading tool (this wax vaporizer accessory enables you to load the wax concentrate onto the chamber). 
  1. Carrying case (instead of carrying your portable wax vaporizer in your pocket or hand, you can have its carrying case, keeping it safe and secure. The case also protects you from any burns that the wax vaporizer can accidentally cause while carrying it). 


The battery, chamber, and mouthpiece are mostly connected using either thread (usually the universal 510 threading sizes) or the magnetic connection technology. This makes it easy to remove or replace any of the three wax vaporizer accessories. 


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