Working in an advertising and marketing agency requires certain skills other than the main expertise of an individual due to the nature of this job. Life at a creative advertising agency is pretty fast-paced and requires every individual in every team to be efficient in their job and also to stay up to date on the latest news and trends that can be related to the clients.

For example, you are a content writer, you are working on a certain account which is say, an appliance company/brand. You need to stay updated about the latest technological development in that sector. You must also be aware of the latest trends that could benefit the client in terms of traffic. And this is not just for the content writers but also for the designers. The client services person, pretty much everyone that is working on this particular account. Because then and only then will they be able to provide effective marketing strategies for them.

A full-service agency in Lahore

Many ad agencies in Lahore are working with multiple clients from different fields just like us. What differentiates us or sets us apart from them is the fact that we are a full-service agency. We provide all the services related to advertising and marketing under one roof.

Different Departments

We have a fully functional Audio-Visual department, a design studio, photography and videography cell, printing facility, and so on. We make sure that the clients’ advertising and marketing needs are met. And they get the best out of our various teams that are working tirelessly. To create something new and exciting for our dear clients.

Every department has a very capable set of individuals who are experts in their field. And are passionate about their work. The department heads are also capable individuals who have vast experience in the advertising field. And have successfully led multiple campaigns for a variety of clients.

When there are such experienced individuals in a team. It allows the young lot to learn from the best and shape their talents according to the craft. And believe me, it is not just about the slogans and jingles but much more than that. It is about understanding the client. Understanding their product, and translating their vision about the brand into the design. And a successful campaign which the world would get to see.

Every day at an agency

Each day comes with a new and exciting challenge for the team in a digital marketing agency. Especially now with the rise of the internet and social media. Not only do we have to keep up with the brand’s image but also what the latest trends are. How they could be tapped into to benefit the brand. Every individual at an ad agency works hard to get the campaigns right. Not just for the brand but also for the audience for whom it is intended in the first place.

No doubt, working in an advertising and marketing agency comes with its challenges but there is so much that you get to learn about your field, your clients, their product, their industry, the market they are selling in, and so on. It gives you a 360-degree view of almost every huge industry in the country. And countless learning opportunities in your field. Advertising is not an easy job. It is a fast-paced field but for the people who have a passion for it. It can be the most exciting and rewarding field there ever is. 

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