Lenovo Tab M8 HD Review: A Good Tablet with Long

The Lenovo Tab M8 HD can be possibly an ideal option for youngsters, students, and casual home users. You can count on it for its attractive design, slim portable build, excellent battery life and a nice colourful display. The performance of this tab, although, lies on the mediocre side and you cannot really expect a higher speed ratio. But it can still deliver sufficient results and speed for basic everyday users.


  • Processor Speed: Quad-Core, 2.0 GHz
  • Screen Size: 8 inch
  • Resolution: 1280 x 800
  • RAM: 2 GB
  • OS: Android
  • Storage: 32 GB

Design & Build

The TAB M8 follows the thin and somewhat thick design to keep the users satisfied with its nice and gorgeous outlook. The side bezels in black are thinner while the top bezel is kept thicker with a crystal-clear glass used on the display. But the remaining body part is made with aluminium which identifies a solid build and smooth surface.

The two cameras are adjusted on both front and back sides, where the rear-camera is auto-focus. The camera on the backside does not poke outside so you would not really face any scratch issues. On the bottom and top edges, you will find speaker grills, so the tablet does not get heated up quickly. Also, there are two microphone holes, a button for volume and a power lock button.

The tablet itself is very lightweight with lesser weight than even 1 pound, which makes it feel like you are carrying nothing. If you have packed it in your bag, you might not even feel its existence due to its extreme featherlike weight. The measurement of this tab is 7.6 x 4.5 x 0.4 inches which makes it slimmer than many of its competitive tablets.


A decent HD display is all you get from the Lenovo Tab M8, with a Resolution of 1280 x 800 and 8-inch screen. The screen brightness is good but not at its best, which leaves it a little behind in colours as well. The brightness you will come across is usually 344 nits at its highest. On the contrary, the sRGB colour gamut coverage relies around 81% which we though its subpar but good enough. If we talk specifically about the accuracy of colours, the reds and blues were a little dull but the greens and yellows were great and bright.


Lenovo has integrated Dolby atmos audio in this tab for the enhanced audio experience. The good news here is that Dolby speakers are known for their sub-woofer sound and great audio experience. You can also change the audio balance settings with the Dolby Atmos app easily. You can enjoy the high-quality and rich bass sounds with this tab. So, if your kid likes to watch a movie or cartoon, it will do great with the audio. Also, it’s fun watching our favourite Netflix shows and playing casual games on this Lenovo tab.


The performance of the Lenovo Tab M8 doesn’t cross top ends but surely does what it states on paper. With its Quad-core processing, the 2.0 GHz speed is adequate for social media surfing, playing average games or using google tabs. It can show some lags if you try to run a heavy-voltage software on this tab, but it won’t totally stop. Some apps can crash depending on their size and processing power they could need. The RAM you get in this tab is very basic following 2GB RAM, so you can switch between applications but not excessively. Along with that, you get a 32GB storage option which is below many of the smartphones today. However, with SD card you can increase your storage option wisely.


The excellent features that this tab carries with itself is its long-lasting battery life. You can use it for approximately 14 hours or more while with video playback or movie surfing, the time may be shortened. It totally depends on your usage, but this tab is great for late-night binge-watching as well as all-day usage.

Google Assistant & Webcam

When you will use the front and back camera of this Lenovo Tab M8, you will almost get an old era vibe. That’s because it gives the same feel as of old mobiles or laptops with front cams. The photos are definitely not accurate but do the job precisely. Moreover, the rear camera is better and can capture pictures very well, but not as clear as a good camera smartphone can.

Talking about the Google Assistant, this Lenovo tablet also has this app where you can use it to control your emails, surf something on Google or more. Plus, it also includes Google lens which allows you to take pictures just with its assistance.


Conventionally, the Lenovo Tab M8 HD is a decent tab with the affordable price tag for youngsters and average home users. You can not use it for your professional tasks, or even high school student assignments except if you are just surfing. Regardless of being less competitive and high-end performative, this tab is good for entertainment. You can play games, listen to your favourite music, manage multiple social media accounts and even watch movies on it. Laptop Outlet UK is one of the top tech online destinations which you can visit if you want to purchase this tab. It marks £112.78 these days and is exclusively available on the latest tab deals of 2021.