Lenovo Legion Y44w-10 43.4″ Curved LED Gaming Monitor – Review

What is the most important factor to take your gaming experience to the next level? Yes, you guys have guessed it right. It’s the display. You cannot even remotely enjoy your gaming sessions if the display is not good. To enjoy your gaming visuals to the fullest, you need the best gaming monitors in your gaming dungeon. We are going to review an incredible monitor by Lenovo for you guys. So, let us just dive right in.

Lenovo Legion Y44w-10 Review

Lenovo Legion Y44w-10 is by far the best gaming monitor you could ever want. It lets you enjoy your in-game graphics to the fullest, with its huge and widescreen. The colours and picture quality will leave you mesmerised. It is best for gaming and all your streaming purposes.

Wider Than Your Imagination

Experience the larger than life gaming and streaming, on the 43 inches display of this monitor. Its curved screen gives you the resolution of 3840×1200 pixels. With the aspect ratio of 32:10, you can enjoy the best widescreen experience. Plus, with the thinnest bezel, you can enjoy the visuals to the fullest, by getting more screen to body ratio. Cruising in the car or swinging with the web in your favourite open-world games, will look heavenly on this humongous screen.

Kill the Competition

This monitor especially made for gaming is packed with great technologies, to provide you with the smoothest gaming experience. The refresh rate you get with this monitor is 144Hz, which never lets you feel your in-game graphics getting dull. The graphics you see will be smoother than silk. Playing the most fast-paced E-sport games is not an issue, with this gaming monitor. Because with the response time of 4ms, you get to play the game with lightning-fast speed, and free from streaking and ghosting. AMD FreeSync technology present in this monitor, provides the perfect communication between the hardware and your monitor, to provide gameplay without any motion blur or input lag. All of these technologies work together, to let you game the right way and destroy all your competition.

Clear and Crisp Visuals

The colours and picture quality of this monitor surely are amazing. The colours are so lively that you won’t be able to tell the difference, between reality and game graphics. The contrast ratio of 3000:1 makes sure you get the best colour saturation and accuracy. The whites are brighter, and the darks are much deeper. Which means you can explore the new areas in your Resident Evil game, with smoothness and life-like visuals. In addition to this, enjoying your visuals in the most well-lit rooms is not an issue, because this monitor has the brightness of 380cd/m2. It means this monitor is capable of producing bright images, which can easily be seen in the brightest of lights.

Universal Connectivity

With USB-C Gen 2 and Gen 1 ports, you can easily connect all your devices with this gaming monitor. Desktops, notebooks, tablets, and other android devices can be connected with ease. These can help you transfer data and manage power smoothly. You can also manage video inputs from up to two devices on this monitor, with the help of Picture-in-Picture (PIP) and Picture-by-Picture (PBP) technology. This lets you game and video chat or does other tasks on this monitor simultaneously, without slowing down.

Comfortable Viewing

You can enjoy your viewing pleasures, without having your neck or shoulders get sore. The smart stand lets you adjust this monitor with swivel, lift, and tilt functionality. You can set the screen to the perfect angle for your comfort, with 178 degree viewing angles. You can also enjoy your long hours of gaming on this monitor, without worrying about getting your eyes damaged. It has a low blue light feature, which lowers the intensity of blue light to keep the stress to your eyes at a minimum.

Immersive Audio

Lenovo Legion Y44-10 comes with a detachable Harman Kardon speakers, to let you indulge more in your gaming with great and distortion-free sound. Crank up the volume and enjoy your gaming or streaming even more. It also has an audio jack, through which you can connect your favourite audio peripherals or headsets, to enjoy the bombastic sounds of music.

Bottom Line

Well, this was the Lenovo Legion Y44w review. If you are a gaming freak, then it is a must-have the monitor for your gaming dungeon. You get the best performance and power for all your viewing pleasures like gaming and streaming. If you still haven’t made up your mind, then what are you waiting for. Hurry up and buy this monitor or got to fivetech.co.uk and choose from a wide range of gaming monitors.

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