Learning and laughing. Good Humor Party

Can laughter and humor help in learning? This issue can be looked at from both the teacher’s and the student’s point of view. In this article we will also get to know a cheerful organization, the of Good Humor Party

Humor helps while learning

Teachers who use humor when teaching students have a greater opportunity to convey knowledge. This is due to several reasons. Laughter and humor keep the audience interested. Many teachers complain that students do not listen to them. They don’t know that a dose of humor can change that. Teachers can use humor to help students remember information better. Knowledge presented in a fun way has a chance to be better remembered by students.

As you can see, humor is worth using at school, unfortunately not all teachers are aware of it.

Laughter and humor should be used during stressful situations – exams and tests. Instead of studying until the last minute, the student should give his mind some entertainment before the exam. Maybe watching a comedy movie, a stand-up show, or reading funny jokes?

Meet the Good Humor Party

Humor and smile accompany each of us throughout our lives. It often helps to solve difficult situations. The Good Humor Party was founded in 2001 to make people around the world smile more often.

The organization was founded in Poland, one of the European countries. In the country of footballer Robert Lewandowski and Pope John Paul II. Initially, it was supposed to operate only in Poland, but quickly set off to the world. Today, several thousand people living in many countries around the world have ID cards of the Good Humor Party. Among the members of the organization are many people from the world of entertainment. Satirists, caricaturists, comedy actors, stand-up artists. They know perfectly well what laughter is and why it is so important in our lives.

The Good Humor Party membership fee is only 3 smiles a day. No member of the organization has ever complained that it is too high. The symbol of the party is the Happy Skyscraper. A small box that has been photographed to this day in 700 cities around the world, in 70 countries.

Sadurski, the fastest caricaturist

The organization was conceived by the well-known Polish satirist and caricaturist, Szczepan Sadurski. He creates humorous drawings for newspapers, books and advertisements, and appears in television programs. For over 20 years, he made Poland laugh by publishing several magazines with humor and jokes. Dobry Humor (Good Humor) had over 200,000 copies!

Today, Sadurski is best known for drawing cheerful portraits. He is an event caricaturist, invited to events taking place not only in Poland. After one of them, the press in New York wrote that he was one of the fastest caricaturists in the world. He draws one caricature in 100 seconds or even less. Currently, a film is being made about Sadurski’s activities. We will learn many unknown anecdotes from the life of this satirist.

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