Know Your Budget And Find Out If You Can Afford Condo in Phnom Penh


The latest part of the condominium or condo in Phnom Penh is tailored as per the demand and needs of investors, and they can buy them if they are above the first floor or in a co-owned building structure. Several choices exist in Phnom Penh with gym facilities, swimming pools, and other amenities. However, you must determine your budget and check for affordable condos in Phnom Penh. IPS Cambodia is the prominent real estate agent who can assist you in finding a reasonably priced condo in Phnom Penh.  

Investment Option Of Condo in Phnom Penh

Cambodia’s most reliable and profitable investment option has remained a condominium unit in the past few years. Condominiums are typically newly constructed high-rise structures with full housing amenities. Private individuals typically own these units. The vast availability of this sort of housing allows you greater flexibility in selecting a neighbourhood, from staying in a remote location away from tourist attractions to the most intense streaming.

Is It Worth Staying In Or Buying A Condo?

Condos are usually built in a city’s core business center to help residents take advantage of everything the city provides. In Phnom Penh, central Condominiums are close to several banks, restaurants, hospitals, schools, and more. Condos also provide extra luxuries than other individualized spaces, offering you meeting rooms, pools, gyms, and other advanced safety features in your buildings. 

Besides, purchasing a condo is preferable to renting a luxury house, as it is more cost-effective in the long run. Compared to landed properties, condos are cheaper and significantly less expensive in Cambodia than in other parts of Asia.

In general, a condo provides more flexibility than a single-family home. The purchasing procedure is streamlined, and there are numerous options and price ranges. Boreys are becoming more popular in the city’s outskirts and suburbs, but condominiums might take over the city’s streets.

Hence, buying or opting to take a condo for rent in Phnom Penh is worth it, and IPS Cambodia has massive listings of condos to help your buying and renting smooth and successful. So, check out your budget and find a suitable property within your preferred price range.

Featured Condos For Sale In Phnom Penh

  • 2-Bedroom Condo for sale in Embassy Residences, Phnom Penh is available for 410,000 USD (2,679 per sqm).
  •   2-Bedroom Condo for sale in Embassy Central, BKK1, Phnom Penh is available for 268,000 USD.

Featured Condos For Rent In Phnom Penh

  • 2-Bedroom Condo for rent in Tonle Bassac, Chamkarmorn, Phnom Penh is available for 700 USD per month.
  • 3-Bedroom Condo for rent in Embassy Residence, Phnom Penh is available for 3,500 USD per month.

Need For A Real Estate Agent In Phnom Penh

Cambodia is a developing market that confronts real estate investors with unique obstacles. Scrupulous developers, government bureaucracy, and language barriers.

Hence, opting for a real estate agent in Phnom Penh is generally necessary as a foreigner. They would communicate on your behalf and interact with the local authorities, which can be challenging if you can’t speak Khmer or are unfamiliar with local norms and customs.

Whether you hire an agent or not, you must conduct thorough research on the developer from whom you intend to purchase. You should only purchase from individuals who have a demonstrated record of success in producing high-quality work. To help you find the leading real estate agent, we introduce IPS Cambodia, which will assist you in finding an affordable condo in Phnom Penh.


Condos are usually divided into many units and similar to apartments, a structure where every unit may be owned separately.Phnom Penh’sCondo appears to be reasonably priced to a foreign investor. Buyingcondominiums across Phnom Penh are affordable; hence, considering them and renting or buying through IPS Cambodia would be the most incredible opportunity. You may determine your budget and check for a suitable property in Phnom Penh.

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