Know What Level Indicators and SS Hinges are All About

Are you associated with the mechanical engineering industry? If so, you must have known a level indicator, a crucial device for many applications.

The devices allow you to measure the level of fluids. That means you can determine the liquid level in tanks, drums and pressure vessels during various industrial applications with the help of level indicators.

There are many types of level indicators. And different types of level indicators serve other purposes. So, you should select the level indicator suiting your business needs. As such, you should assess your business needs before purchasing lever handles.

You must not fall behind in selecting the proper level indicator to suit the type of fluid you use in your business.

Finding the quantity and level of fluid stored without the right indicator will be challenging.

The fluid type is another critical aspect to consider before purchasing a level indicator. You should ensure that the level indicator can withstand the fluid. Suppose, for example; you should choose a level indicator that can handle the fluid without getting damaged if you use dangerous fluids. 

Again, if you store the fluid in a place, that makes it impossible for any manual to reach it. You need to use a level indicator to measure the liquid level.

Without a level indicator, measuring the liquid level in such a case is impossible.

Let us examine a few conditions to help make a good purchase decision. First, suppose you want to purchase a level indicator for the process industry. In such a case, tubular level indicators are the perfect fit. And these level indicators allow better visual liquid level indication.

Also, you can choose the radar type indicators or ultrasonic type indicators, as they are the best suited for non-contact type level measurement.

SS Hinges

Stainless hinges, commonly called SS hinges, are crucial devices for the mechanical engineering industry.

SS hinges come in many shapes and sizes. The hinges give excellent resistance to high and low temperatures and can withstand wear and tear.

There is another differentiating feature of SS hinges. That is, they can distribute weight evenly to lower the stress on the attached component.


SS hinges pose many benefits, such as higher resistance to rust and corrosion apart from having robust strength.

You will get the following benefits from SS hinges:

Aesthetical Looks

Usually, you will see SS hinges as aesthetically appealing. And the hinges come with different surface finishes, and they can maintain a high level of shine.

The hinges pose no difficulty in cleaning. As such, the hinges are excellent choices for pharmaceuticals, the food industry, and hospitals.

Remarkably, SS hinges require low maintenance and are highly durable.

Temperature Resistance

High temperatures cannot damage SS hinges as they are resistant to very high temperatures. Therefore, you can consider using the hinges for applications involving very low or high temperatures.

In a remarkable phenomenon, the hinges can exhibit robust strength even at extremely high temperatures.

Again, very low temperatures cannot hamper the functioning of SS hinges.

Weight to Strength Advantage

With SS hinges, you get a remarkable weight-to-strength advantage, allowing its usage in a much thinner thickness. Moreover, you can cut, fabricate, machine, or weld quickly using SS hinges.


Therefore, you came to know about the crucial devices for the mechanical engineering industry. But, again, another important thing to note is the supplier’s quality. Remember, you can get quality products only from a trusted and reputed supplier. Alternatively, you will get sub-standard quality products if you choose a bad supplier. As such, you should assess your prospective supplier’s timeline, product quality, and customer service.

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