Know all About Pavement Maintenance

Pavement maintenance could mean a lot of things, ranging from simple cleaning or restricting up to fix severe issues like washouts and potholes. maintenance could also involve different approaches based in if the emphasis is on repairing issues or preventing them even before it happens. If you are looking for Asphalt repairs Melbourne, you could find various expert agencies that could do it for you. Pavement made of Asphalt Melbourne could be repaired easily by professionals and this would result in the pavement lasting for many years to come.

Maintenance of pavement

One of the goals all maintenance activities would have in common is extending the life of pavement. Payments are increasingly getting designed for longer service and long lasting pavements. This would mean that there is more opportunity for maintenance over the life of pavement structure. A pavement with long life would have lower life cycle cost than traditional alternatives. The initial construction cost and ongoing maintenance needs to be considered. In such an approach, keeping the pavement maintenance costs down could be helpful to the success and viability of the design. This would not necessarily mean that the maintenance should be less frequent but the activities must be cost-effective. 

An important aspect for cost-effective maintenance over pavement life cycle would be the selection and timing of maintenance activities. Making use of the right maintenance treatment at the right time would help you gain the maximum benefit. It would really depend on the condition of the payment and where it would be in its life cycle. Under most circumstances, the condition of a payment overtime might deteriorate. The worse it’s condition gets, the more expensive the treatment would be required to restore the pavement to good condition so that you could apply an appropriate treatment in the right area. 

Relatively inexpensive preventive maintenance treatment in the earlier stage of payments life cycle could bring in slight improvement in the condition of the pavement which would make a tremendous difference. You could also postpone and avoid the need for more expensive repairs. 

Categories of Pavement Maintenance

There are different categories of pavement maintenance activity and the concept is often discussed in connection with related topics which includes pavement preservation, rehabilitation and reconstruction. 

  • Pavement Preservation

It involves preserving the pavement by making the necessary repairs with the help of integrated and cost-effective set of practices that can extend the pavement life. Other than that, it can also improve the safety and meet the road user’s expectations.  

  • Pavement reconstruction: You can replace the entire existing pavement structure by placing equivalent or increased structure of the pavement.  

Different categories of Pavement Maintenance

  • Preventive Maintenance: A planned strategy of cost-effective treatments to an existing roadway system that would preserve the system, reduces the pace of future deterioration and maintains or improves the functional condition of the system.  
  • Corrective Maintenance: Activities performed in response to the development of a deficiency or deficiencies that would negatively impact the safe and efficient operations of the facility and future integrity of the pavement section. 
  • Routine Maintenance: Work that is planned and performed on a routine basis to preserve and maintain the condition of the system or to respond to specific conditions and events that can restore the pavement.

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