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Kids Tennis Racket Sizes

Many parents are unaware of the requirements behind purchasing the perfect Tennis Racket Siz For Kids. It has become too acceptable grabbing something from the garage hoping it will work out in the end. Beware, sometimes it can result in a serious injury. 

In this guide, we will cover three aspects of an appropriate tennis racket for kids. The first one should be the length, the most important aspect of it all. It needs to be long enough for mobile movements and short enough to swing effortlessly. 

The second important concept could be weight. Considering the capabilities of the toddler, choose the most effective weapon. The best way to test it is by having the player swing repetitively and analyzing the effort.

The third category to cover would have to be the size of the head. To simplify the topic, a large head size offers more power whilst a smaller one control. This correlates with the weight more than people realize, choosing a small head size with a heavyweight may result in an injury.

Kids Tennis Racket Length

Now, the length of the racket varies on the height of the player. Once the player has reached the teenage stage, it would be time to purchase a light 27-inch tennis racket. Twenty-seven-inch tennis rackets are standard adult size rackets, looking for a lighter edition may not be a walk in the park. Anything under the length of 27 inches is for children, 26 inch editions are for seriously trained players from ages  7 to 12. Anything shorter than that is for toddlers. The best way to measure the correct size is to have them hold the kid’s racket at the bottom of the grip. Afterward, point the tip of the racket towards the ground standing completely straight. The racket needs to be touching the ground or be close.

Kids Tennis Racket Weight

This can get tricky, especially for the parents transitioning their superstar from 26 to 27 inches tennis racket. The majority of 26-inch tennis rackets for kids weigh from 240-250 grams unstrung. Now the ideal target of the 27-inch tennis racket would have to be around 260 grams of unsprung weight. Challenging because modern rackets of that length are releasing at 270 grams, making the transition risky. There are a few hidden gems that are on sale to this day, but it is a real treasure hunt. Make the kids’ life easier and put in the effort searching, it will save more time than getting MRI scans.

Kids Tennis Racket Head Size

The size of the head can mean multiple things. A good player will use a smaller the Best Head Tennis Racket size for a better feeling of the ball during contact, and an improved workout. Someone who is out of shape or injured would consider a large head size, for an easier reflection of the shot at hand. Some people need support, others do not. Modern head sizes are at 100 square inches. Professional tennis players play from 95 to 100 square inch size frames. Club players could find a racket varying from 105 to 135 square inches pretty handy. The best way to paint the picture is by imagining a trampoline. The larger it gets, the higher you bounce. For a kid’s tennis racket, it is safe to purchase a 100 square inch tennis racket head size.

Conclusion On Kids Tennis Racket Sizes

In conclusion, the majority of the players going into the sport don’t stay very long in it. As one of the hardest sports in the world, it requires discipline and constant effort to improve. Purchase the tennis racket for the kid, but make sure he or she doesn’t quit after. Otherwise, the garage tennis racket should do. But in a slightly serious manner, it will prevent a ton of potential problems and improve the chances of them staying in the sport. For the love to develop the kid has to succeed, the racket speculations have to be accurate in order for that to go smoothly. One way or the other most kids don’t appreciate the struggles of parents staying up late all night reading about tennis rackets instead of catching up on sleep. It will get scratched up, thrown around, and maybe even lost. But at the end of the day, it’s the effort that counts.

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