Kenyon B70050 Frontier All Seasons Built-In Stainless Steel Electric Grill

The Kenyon B70050 Frontier All Seasons Built-In Stainless Steel Electric Grill delivers flavor and juices without the hassle of charcoal. Enjoy the business you keep. Gone are the days of needing to carry heavy bags of charcoal or tanks of gas to enjoy grilling.

MaterialStainless steel, Ceramic  
DimensionsL x W x H 53.3 x 30.5 x 21.6 centimeters  
Weight27 Pounds
Frame MaterialStainless steel.  
Type of installationBuilt-in  
Voltage  120 Volts

The Kenyon Custom All Seasons Electric Grill:-

The Kenyon Custom All Seasons Electric Grill provides a safe method of grilling without the risk of open flames associated with propane gas or charcoal grills. Just touch the on/off circle and then raise or lower the heat setting by pressing the + or the graphic on the moisture-proof ceramic glass panel and you’re cooking instantly. The touch control activates the hidden heating element while providing a visual indication of the heat setting.

The non-stick grate makes signature barbecue marks while sealing in flavor and juices. A concealed electric element eliminates grease flames while providing a virtually smokeless heat source. The non-stick grill and optional griddle are easily removed for cleaning between grilling. A disposable grease tray is also included. The Kenyon Custom All Seasons Electric Grill is made from 30.4% stainless steel and backed by Kenyon’s three-year warranty.

Key Features:-

  • The insulated lid prevents accidental burns and is removable for quick and easy cleaning.
  • Concealed heating element eliminates flames while providing a virtually smokeless heat source.
  • Marine-grade 304 stainless steel constructions, 1000 sq. in. grilling area, UL approved for outdoor use, cooking grate exceeds 500°C.
  • Waterproof touch control panel for precise heat control.
  • Disposable drip tray traps drip and adds flavor to your grilled foods.

What does It offer?

Kenyon’s frontier built-in electric grill offers users an alternative to its gas and charcoal counterparts for people who live in cities where gas and charcoal grills are no longer allowed with its simple yet elegant design, this grill is more than a beautiful product it packs a powerful punch with the ability to reach 600° in 10 minutes flat for those people who can no longer get out of barbecuing this grill will deliver again and again because of its ease of use it can grill all the weeknights with cleanup with no hassle other than wiping the surface with a wet paper towel after grilling it’s time to change the way you think about electric grills

Are Kenyon Products Famous?

For decades, Kenyon has been regarded as the world’s leading maker of marine cookware. Kenyon products are known for their simple and safe operation, elegantly integrated design, and ease of cleaning. Now you may experience the same thrill and satisfaction found at the finest galleys in the comfort of your own home. The Kenyon Custom glass cooktops and grills are a work of art.

Final Verdicts:-

Bring luxury barbecuing to your lawn, patio, or patio with your Frontier 120V Electric Grill. Constructed entirely of stainless steel and complete with digital touch controls for heat settings.

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