Jourdan Jade’s

Artist Jourdan Jade’s abilities are multifaceted. She is a songwriter, composer, and singer. With her skills, she has numerous prolific songs on YouTube. The track “Light up that Weed” is one of the artist’s standout compositions. On this track, she collaborates with the Nef the Pharaoh. This track brings a pleasing feeling to the listener. The history track is beautiful, the sound is fresh, and each artist reaps perfection in this collaborative track. This track places you inside the party celebration temper and dances to the beat. Jourdan showcases her abilities as a musician, songwriter, and singer on this track.

The lyrical brilliance is a way beforehand of any latest release. The songs she writes are primarily based totally on her ordinary life. It portrays her character. The artist is now gearing up for the discharge of her modern-day EP, “Jaded.” The EPs are all slated for a March 2022 release. The first track of the EP was launched in August 2021. So, pay attention to the track “Light up that Weed”. Stay tuned for the EP “Jaded”. To pay attention greater to those super songs, enroll in Jourdan Jade YouTube channel.

Jourdan Jade represents the woman facet of excellence, navigating the good-sized and aggressive global of track and efficiently creating a call for herself inside the glamorous global of indie, R&B, and hip-hop. She is a singer and songwriter with a lyrical flair, recording in her studio in Vallejo, California. Her expected debut EP, Jaded, might be launched in March 2022.

With multi-proficient rapper Nef the Pharaoh, a lyrical genius who spit bars like a fax machine, the charmingly laid-again melodic song “Light Up That Weed” is a nod to nostalgic West Coast grooves! With its wealthy melodies, outstanding tonal balance, and fascinating features focused on artistically balanced units, this song will stand out amongst track lovers. This is a track to revel in with a 1/2 glass of bourbon and a few weed!

“Light Up the Weed” is an R&B-fueled, hip-hop-influenced, laid-again melodic song that mixes professional performances, clean willpower to the party celebration, and an awesome vibe throughout, a song complete with rhythm and masses passion. Filled with reason and exceptional conviction, Jourdan Jade’s stellar overall performance vibrates thru the units together with her dreamy soulful voice, playfully supporting infusing the song with masses of fun. Nef the Pharaoh provides his lyrical presence in flamboyant form, smashing a few whacks in beautiful style like a maestro.

The excessive exceptional of this track brings the party celebration scene to life, and the assembled crowd enjoys the melody to its fullest, providing a high-quality presence in a residence birthday celebration setting. The transferring photograph and rhythm, paired with the melodious vocals and complicated text, are the coronary heart and soul of the track, complementing every other, multiplying the impact of the lyrics tenfold, developing a desirable fashion for the video to preserve a target market glued to their screen.

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