Jessica Cluess Examines How Volunteer Writing Classes Help Young Students Better Express Themselves

Jessica Cluess has long been a proponent of teaching children and teens writing and believes it can make a major difference in their lives. That’s why she regularly volunteers to help young students learn more about how to express themselves on the written page. Her passion for this subject has helped her become an expert on the reasons why young people need a writing outlet for their emotions.

Why Jessica Cluess Volunteers at Writing Centers

Jessica Cluess regularly volunteers are writing centers to help connect teens with their inner creativity. She truly believes that everybody has an amazing story in them and wants to help teens tell theirs. To meet this goal, she works directly with these young ones to help them learn better writing techniques and story-telling methods that may make it easier for them to explore their emotions.

This process starts by identifying a teen’s strengths and their interests, including what kind of stories they enjoy telling. Cluess then helps them explore possible story angles, including creative options that may tap into personal experience. She believes that helping these young teens understand how creative writing serves as autobiography can help them better express their emotional state.

For example, Jessica Cluess knows that many young people struggle to feel comfortable with themselves in high school and may struggle to connect with their peers. Some may mature far too quickly and experience adult-style problems, including drug or alcohol abuse, and need help with it. Giving these teens a way to communicate these concerns can help them connect and get help.

This process could include encouraging teens to write diaries or journals that discuss their emotions and how they make them feel. It could also include discussing things like bullying, romantic problems, troubles with school, and more. Some great poetry and self-exploring may occur in these environments and help teens better understand who they are without as much of a challenge.

Furthermore, Jessica Cluess often focuses heavily on those young people that she knows are struggling the most. These may include people being bullied or those individuals who feel left out of society. Though LGBTQ+ integration has become more widespread and accepted in recent years, there are still some places where it could be improved. Furthermore, many students may need a way to explore their emotions.

Teaching them writing helps make them better at handling these unique demands and also helps them communicate with friends and loved ones more effectively. For example, writing workshops may help young students trying to come out to their families by giving them a way to arrange their thoughts and present them. This process can vary depending on the student but is a powerful mode of expression.

Just as importantly, Jessica Cluess makes sure to work directly with all teens and not just those who seem more talented or gifted. She firmly believes that all people deserve the basic skills to write their stories. By focusing on everyone in this way, she can help those struggling with self-expression learn how to better discuss themselves and give them a way to connect with other people in their life.

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